Lets Talk About Money.

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32 thoughts on “Lets Talk About Money.

  1. And you think pop stars who have their voices edited in studio, and have all their songs written for them deserve the millions and millions they make? Pewds is the most humble, genuine and nicest person on YouTube. He definitely deserves all of his success.

  2. Very nice video Felix! Many of that comments are right. But if the people who wrote this could make better videos than you, let them try it. I can image it's not so easy how it looks like. And you're a cool person, so don't metter what other people say (if it's negative of course XD)
    I'm from germany, so sorry for my grammar 🙂

  3. Pewds I'm so sorry for you. I watch your videos now for 3 or 2 years and I enjoy it. Do what you want to and ignore that guys they are all jealous. Stay awesome pewds. BROFIST 😉

  4. I love PewDiePie because he's so down to earth no matter how much money he gets! We all are obviously jealous of the money he makes but we all knew the type of money he makes so there was no need to publicise it. Even in his videos stuff adds up, bikini (£10) + newest game (£60) + inflatable suit (£40), like it all adds up to a great sum of money and anyone is stupid not to recognise it. Also what numpty didn't know billions of views and millions of subscribers mean nothing? You really are silly, even the 30 second ad is generating money??

    Pewds works a lot and examples of this are DAILY VIDEOS? Look at other YouTubers they don't do this because editing and filming takes so long. If you don't believe pewds 'ask his girlfriend' literally! Marzia said it one of his video/ vlogs before that he is working a lot, even their friends such as Alfie (PointlessBlog) said everyone should know his name because of his dedication to working not views, subs or money.

    Rant over😌

  5. This shit annoys me pewdiepie has done a lot to get where he is as I am freinds with a big youtuber I know what it is like and pewds doesn't flash his money like Tmartn he flashes his money by constantly showing of his car ffs pewds has a Mini Cooper just get a life and enjoy his videos

  6. personally i dont find pewdiepie funny at all, at least not anymore, but there are millions and millions of people that actually do, it only makes sense that he earns alot of money, if you have a problem with that its because you are bitter, bitter of the fact that he has gotten wealthy doing what he actually loves doing, not a lot of people get to make this kind of money on something u love to do, and it is not like he woke up one morning and was suddenly a millionere, he has spent hours and hours making content and the success came naturally along with it, i am ofc also jelly , who isnt? but i can also feel joy for him

  7. Some people think that money alone will make you happy, that's why they are so jealous, don't worry about it, you're doing what you love and making a living doing it, so few of us can say that, so just keep going and enjoying every minute of it!

  8. I admire how honest he is. He's a genuinely good person and all that matters to some people is what his paycheck is. That's really sad. And it's not like he even flaunts how much money he gets either. In fact, the only money related thing he NORMALLY talks about is stuff that he's working for charity. Why doesn't anyone care about that? I mean, it's clear that he's not COMPLETELY wasting his time as he's been doing things beneficial to a lot of people

  9. You're so down to earth and genuine. Those articles are trying to make money too and will pick at anything or anyone they think will cause a reaction from their audience; thus earning them money. Why else has so many of them made such a big deal about it. Do what you love and don't worry about the people who try bring you down for it. You support the community, with that fundraiser.. As an example and everyone who wants a good laugh in their day. Keep it up mate.

  10. see the thing is you can do millions of nice things that will go un noticed but the moment you do something someone doesnt like society jumps all over it

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