Forced Positivity on YouTube

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47 thoughts on “Forced Positivity on YouTube

  1. Okay this is real af. I went through a horrible depressive episode and all I did was watch YouTube to make myself smile at something. I wouldn't leave my bed for days at a time and constantly kept myself entertained to keep my mind from taking over and having (suicidal thoughts). Seeing Pewds talk about this means so much to me. I was constantly told that my problems existed because I wasn't choosing to be happy and I wasn't thinking positive enough.
    All of this is absolute facts and I love that this exists. Thank youuu

  2. Totally agree with you on everything that you've said here. A lot of us are not happy with some aspect of our lives or another and it never stops. Social Media can make a person feel worse about their lives and who they are because there's so much faked out there. Thanks for the honesty, PewDiePie.

  3. U know in my honest opinion being fake and forcing positivity is not a good idea I mean like u said there are a lot of young people out there watching you tubers faking being happy and I don’t think that teaches young people how to deal with life and I know some of u may say ah cmon it’s just a video but I have heard young people tell me they want to die because people are arguing and not being happy all the time I hope this is making sense to u but it’s like colleges giving students a safe place it dose not prepare them to deal with the emotions of everyday life what I like about how u have turned to letting people know how u really feel weather it be sad or happy people see that those emotions and thoughts u are posting are real the world is not a safe and happy place all the time I just really like ur candid honesty it’s real and for me that will always win over forced and fake happiness

  4. there's a common misunderstanding about joy and happiness and i think many people got these concepts mixed up often(including me in the past)
    joy is one of the emotion (just like in Inside Out) joy may look like happiness, but what happiness really is, is the harmony of every emotions (sadness, joy, anger etc.)

  5. All my life people have told me to remain positive and think positive, but it has never worked for me. And I mean never. Whenever I have tried to think positively about something it hasn't turned out great. I have had trouble with depression back in high school. I didn't have many friends, but I kept smiling and being positive with everyone in school even though I felt like I was in hell and no one knew how I really felt. I finished high school in 2017, and I didn't went to college right after. I tried applying for medical school this year (which my parents have been telling me to do and remain positive that they'll accept me). Guess what? They didn't accept me, so I have been working on a job instead of going to college and I think I am currently much happier. Not saying I'm happy, I'm fine like pewdiepie said. I am genuinely positive now.

  6. Yes! I agree completely. The idea of being happy all the time sounds nice, but it's not realistic at all, it's fake. I'd rather someone be completely honest with me about anything. Life isn't always happy go lucky, life has shit moments. I can't be around people who I can tell are being fake, it annoys my god damn soul.

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