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  1. Seeing this it's actually very bad…I realize how bad the directing of the game was. Like some elements are very good. Cutscenes, the galaxy and planets when you travel and searching for resources, the planets you can visit look good too. but the characters look awefull when they are in close up. I really wonder how this could even pass by like un-noticed, did they expect people to like the facial expressions for real?? Marketing got too big of a piece of the 40million if you ask me! This will be the end of Mass effect.. if not..Part two if they ever decide to make a part two should have the same crew as mass effect 2 or 3 for that matter.

  2. I bought the game a few months ago and finished it and I couldn’t figure out the reason everyone was giving it shit. I guess they patched up most of glitches gave it a more advanced art style cuz dayum my gameplay did not look like that all.

  3. Some Japanese like kabuki-like expressions and sounds like opera are bold and funny … Some people think that they are running too much in technique, but I think over-action is occasionally OK. Thank you very much.

  4. That game was almost a constant 💩, with terrifying animation BUGs(some still not 🔧), but even so I finished it. 😁

    "Kill.. me.. now..!"
    -Kallo Jath [Demonstrating Self-Awareness]

  5. So for those of you who didn't know what happened essentially Mass Effect Andromeda had no main story writer and had a graphical team making the game and that was about it once they realize they couldn't make it on time the team they had they bought him another team to start working on it both of them had different images on how the games look play and what animations should be used this led to the results of the jerky and rather fucked up animations personally I still enjoy the game the combats all right the open world is empty yes but I think it's still fun it's a good time waster but that's what happened

  6. The character model for the female actually looked more symmetrical and what one would define as "attractive" but for some bizarre reason was changed before release. Probably as most SJW one see's are overweight/unhealthy with odd fringes and an odder set of glasses.

    This game was a colossal disaster, everything about it. The fight scene between the two krogan's still both gives nightmares and makes me laugh. And where the yellow krogan sounds more bent than a 9 pound note. You can make more attractive charters that don't look autistic in Dark Souls 1! With some hard work.

  7. Mass Effect 1-3 is one of my all time favorit Game Series…but now this great franchise is dead 🙁 And i still remember: Some people said " it could be a Franchise like Star Wars or Star Trek!" And now? Dead >.<

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