49 thoughts on “Are You Racist? (Test)

  1. The test is inherently racist categorizing specifically white and black and forcing you to pick good or bad categories. To go by PC culture everyones on a spectrum of opinions and belief

  2. I still think that if the bad+white / good+black category was presented first, then white+good / black+bad were presented second, there would be a "preference for black people" due to the confusion of switching the ideas… The test seems designed to provoke a "you're racist towards black lmao" result

  3. I don't even need to make the test, I would probably end up being something between "OMG YOU ARE A FAR RIGHT SCUM" and "CHECK YOUR PRIVILEGE, FUCKING WHITE MALE!!" shit.

  4. I'd be surprised if any group of people didn't have at least a slight preference for their own people although it's important to say that people in the real world are more attracted to the people they like regardless of race, which is what makes this test so useless. It entirely eliminates individual to individual relationships and replaces it with a hypothetical meeting of an individual to a type of person rather than a person himself. As the flashing faces progressed I noticed character more: kindness, anger: one woman looked kind of calculating, and so on. The absence of character and its replacement with highly charge abstract words like "evil" strike me as just plain bad design.

  5. First they train you on white good, black bad. Then switch it, and if you revert to the original training you are racist. Such a bad test but it’s seen as generally useful.

  6. First you have to respond one way, teaching your brain a certain pattern
    After that you have to do the opposite thing, which is confusing for your brain.
    They trained the subcounsious and after that you have to actively go against it.
    i think most people will be some kind of racist in this test, but yeah i guess thats the point of this

  7. I'm quite disappointed in you pewds. You think incomes should be equal, mister makes-10-million-a-year? What a useless platitude you've got there. So do you think everyone should make the same amount of money regardless of the value their work is to others? Also that early question about one group of people strongly dominating society, I think you didn't think that one through either. Not everything SHOULD be equal. How about law abiding citizens. Should that group dominate society? Or would you rather it be EQUALLY dominated between law abiding citizens and criminals?

  8. I just took the test myself. I am quite disappointed. It says I have no automatic preference for white or black people. I was really hoping it would tell me I was racist as fuck. So it's the opposite outcome of pewdiepie. He wanted to be not racist and it said he was. I even answered the preliminary questions as racist as I could, saying that blacks loved welfare and whites were hard working, but I guess it based it on the speed test and not the self questionnaire. It's probably because I answered all the questions quickly and without mistakes. I wasn't really confused by pressing one button for good and the other for bad or one for white and one for black and switching between pairs. I think I can see the idea behind the test, if you have more difficulty when black is paired with good and white with bad than you have with it when black is paired with bad and white with good, then it supposes you're racist against blacks, but it just wasn't a difficult mental task to me to do it. I think the test fails.

  9. These 'implicit association' tests have many flaws and have received lots of criticism from academic experts.

    I took a few of these tests a while back, I think on gender. I took the exact same test at least twice (maybe 3 times I don't remember), on the same day. I tried my hardest to put in exactly the same amount of effort and focus into every part of the test, and I purposely didn't read about how the test worked until after I took it. I wanted the test to be as accurate as possible, and minimize the change of subconsciously affecting it in any way.

    Despite the similar test-taking conditions, I got a different result every time I took the test. That tells me that this test is unreliable at best. Frankly I think it's garbage.

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