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  1. SEE-Program aims at proving the effectiveness of the usage of “VerQAG” device in diversity of applications such as for instance, facilitating foreign language learning and assessment processes. Anaglyph Binoculars Graphics might be employed in Human-centered and Applied computing including Human computer interaction (HCI); and be applied in life and medical sciences (Health care information systems).

    In particular, but not limited to, the experimental investigations are targeted to confirm the high effectiveness of the usage of “VerQAG” device to observe 3D quasi-anaglyph-formatted images with a purpose or goal to-

    (a) detect “almost-unobservable” shade-changes traced in “color”, “localization”, “alignment”, and “size” in image-representations (e.g. representations referenced with MRI, EEG, X-ray, etc);

    (b) develop the Super-Natural ability of Naked-Eye 3D-Visual Perception of HD-resolution and Anaglyph Graphics either static or animated (depth-perception-enhanced ability).

  2. “Dimana$U$ Prophecy” is not just a title of the Project that aims creating experimental and innovations-based audiovisual products and relevant services providing but it is the Author’s “mission”, “vision” and “aspiration” which are targeting to integrating “seemingly-disparate” but “still-might-be-fitting” parts of the global human society into one “big village” community of creativeness.

    By starting solely running his home-based studio-business, called “VDA PRODUCTION”, and further quite frequently travelling outside of his native country of Belarus, the Author has established numerous collaborative relationships with like-minded freelancers and “on-the-same-frequency” sympathizers who liked his theories-and-ideas based projects; and nowadays the Author aims achieving his authorship goals, primarily by leveraging the power of new-approach experimental audiovisual products (services, programs and training) and extending his efforts to online events and actions in “healing and entertaining” sector. But above all, the Author would like to achieve his life-enriching goals by being “the Seeker of the Truth” himself on his journey of points- of-vision updating, expanding and charting ahead – not just be a business entity or organization, but be the way of “True Human Being” – as referred here as “the Author”.

  3. eighth was my favorite middle school year, seventh was trash 6th was hard but 8th was blissful and fun
    edit: i was reacting to the ad for the video

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