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  1. Rose is a stupid character
    First of all she stops Finn from saving the rebels/resistance by CRASHING INTO HIM
    2nd of all she could’ve killed Finn in that crash which he would’ve anyway if she let him do what he wanted to do
    3rd of all she kisses Finn even though he clearly isn’t interested her and tells him she nearly killed him because she loved him
    (BTW I don’t hate Kelly Marie tran I hate the character she plays)

  2. Someone tell Pewds Lucas didn't directed 5 and 6 before he makes any argument about director change because in America it's the producer who has the real poweaaaand it's too late

  3. I have to admit. I disliked PewDiePie when he first made a name for himself and was blowing up in popularity. He directly popularized a genre of videos that I really dislike…but, his newer content is actually pretty good. I like the new PewDiePie

  4. Well, The Last Jedi lost over 750 million dollars, Solo failed it's box office, The Last Jedi and Solo gets banned in China, and no one or any kid is buying any Star Wars merchandise in the stores. When I went to Toys R Us that was on the verge of closing down a few months ago, there was nothing but a metric crap ton of Star Wars toys. Like Rose Tico, Admiral Holdo, Forces of Diversity Toys and many more of this "New Generation" of Star Wars toys that no kid wants apparently. Hasbro has been cheapening the quality of the toys and kids these days would much rather play video games than play with a toy that would last about 5-10 minutes in terms of Star Wars or just simply don't want them. Due to no consumer getting the merchandise, Hasbro had laid off over a 100 employees. What is currently carrying the loss for Star Wars, Hasbro has Marvel and Bey-Blades to fall back and hold onto it's currently making up their loss for Star Wars toys that they expect would thrive.They expected Star Wars to be their main source of income and not a single toy sold out of Toys R Us. Even Hasbro knows that the Forces Of Diversity dolls won't sell. That explains how the toy industry for Star Wars is failing.
    The other problem is that there are certain people out there, and people on the media who are constantly bitching up a storm and can't handle criticism, and shills going out of their way along with Disney and Lucasfilm Executives calling the Fan base: racist, toxic, sexist, bigots, afraid of woman, Russian Bots, A-Holes and the list goes on. I'ts terrible of how much deflection there is on all these problems with these new Star Wars movies. And the people at Hollywierd and Lucasfilm are just going: "Ohhhhh it's okay who cares of what we put in our movies." Then they don't admit to their failure and just deflect all these problems and make up lies and constantly stick it to the Fandom Menace.
    ("We are currently in this messy, and mercy problem with the whole "Culture War" for entertainment. Theaters have been an infection on extremist bull shit choking the life out of geek culture: First it was Video games, then comic books, and now Star Wars. And it stops at Star Wars. A lot of people fail to realize that Star Wars represents the bigger picture, if Star Wars is lost, then all is lost, and if you're asking yourself "Isn't Star Wars already lost?" I'd say no. Solo failing, merchandise rotting, and people being vocal in their criticism of Lucasfilm and their management are all good things. I'ts a sign that people care and that politics of the mid-to-late 2010's just don't belong in a galaxy far far away. They belong in a dump next to all the piles Rose Tico toys, and E.T Atari cartridges. A person who doesn't care is Kathleen Kennedy. She's the face associated with the demise of Star Wars. Every decision she has made has been worse and worse over time. I'ts the sort of thing Lando Calrissian feared.") – (WCBS On Boba Fett Canceled).

  5. Star Wars went to hell with disney and JJ Abrams. Abrams ruins everything cool that’s sci-fi.

    He ruined Star Wars, then he came after Star Trek discovery.

    He flat out ruined Star Trek. He made it like Star Wars #2. Which is fine if we’re talking Star Wars, I don’t watch Star Trek because Star Wars. I watch Star Trek because it’s Star Trek. Star Wars is Science Fantasy. Star Trek is Science fiction. Star Wars is more about graphics and pew pew lasers while Star Trek is more about the people and workings things out non violently. But discovery is now pew pew, CGI violence.

  6. My problem with Rey is the fact that she was introduced in the force awakens and in a short part of that movie she all of a sudden learned the force and can use a freaking lightsaber, they evolved Rey as a character waaaay to quickly.

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