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44 thoughts on “LOGAN PAUL

  1. Those logan paul fans that defend him and say he apologized yeah he apologized but its like saying a man kills another person by accident and says he didnt know that was going to happen even though its obvious it would people are still going to be mad think about it lets say that man was your father and logan paul did that would u still defend him

  2. That is extremely disrespectful! It's called suicide forest for a reason. They find so many bodies everyday in that forest and human remains. He's being so disrespectful. I am disgusted.

  3. Thank you so much for this, Pewds.  The way they smile and joke at the sight of someone's death is utterly disgusting.  Hopefully Karma comes soon to kick all their asses.

  4. I just want to say R.I.P. to the suicide victim and God bless. And I just want to say I feel deeply bad that the poor person's body had to have it's privacy voilated and used for fame for a dumb idiot like Logan Paul. PewDiePie, I also want to say you will always be better than idiots like him. Peace ♥️

  5. Look who’s talking about being disrespectful.
    Don’t act innocent.
    You made jokes about someone who killed them self
    You make fun about women rights
    You said the n word a few times.

    Get a life.

  6. Logan Paul is a true American Psycho, he totally did it for the views. Demonetizing that video made no difference because YouTube would not have demonetized it anyway, and he knew that – but he definitely used the dead body to get views. Total American Psycho.

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