NETFLIX Actually Did Something… GOOD?

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35 thoughts on “NETFLIX Actually Did Something… GOOD?

  1. I dont understand why someone would ever like Devilman Crybaby. Im not memeing when i say its the worst series i have ever seen in my life. And ive seen some bad stuff…

  2. the main point of the series is that unless people start trusting and caring for each other accept of them self (cry for other people) the world will be destroyed over and over again in an endless loop eventually what killed most of the humans were other humans who were controlled by their fear and the series made it really clear that we must overcome our fears and learn to think about other people to win against our demons (the demons were created from our most primal dark thoughts and from our bad behavior) and if we dont they will destroy us. the anime came to explane this simple message and thats it. the story isnt spouse to be complicated and the characters arent spouse to be likebale. but hey that ain't none of my business

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