“Can we copystrike pewdiepie?” // Twitch Drama #1

My video got copystriked by twitch streamer alinity and collabdrm and heres what I have to say about it

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50 thoughts on ““Can we copystrike pewdiepie?” // Twitch Drama #1

  1. The reason she got pissed is probably because she knows that she is the type of streamer that just uses her body as means of attention not really because of what you said and just wants to hind behind that XD

  2. Not related to this specific case (because this copyright thing was very dumb of her indeed), but this whole "Thot" thing seems sexist to me by definition. So women are generally "Thots" when they are somehow good looking in front of a camera? Or when they act kind of "sexy"? Thats kind of her business, what gives anyone the right to insult her then? It is an insult specifically aimed at women and mostly used by men who probably watch porn everyday, so insulting women for looking sexy in front of a camerea is a huge double standard, when you consume that same thing on a daily basis for your own enjoyment. Then all these mindless comments about "slaying" thots and "destroying" thots etc is supposed to be funny? If women would came up with a specific insult only meant for men and would constantly babble about "slaying" those and stuff, all those same people would lose their minds and talk about "feminazis out of control" or whatever. So theres another huge double standard.

  3. I used to hate Pewdiepie after all that happened, But watching his videos again after around 6 Years of neglect (I was 12 when I stopped watching his videos I'm 18 now). I've returned and noticed how much you've matured! Proud of ya Pewds!

    Bro fist!

  4. Ok but listen, there is nothing wrong with wearing what you want. There is nothing wrong with cleavage. However, you can tell when people are literally trying to get views based off of their bodies. Again, she can do what she wants, but you need to be ready for backlash.

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