Detroiters Are Waging Paintball Wars As A Way To Stop Gang Violence (HBO)

Police in several cities across the U.S. are trying to put a stop to the groups of men waging paintball battles as a part of #PaintballsUpGunsDown​ — an anti-gun violence campaign police are calling misguided.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig said the #PaintballsUpGunsDown movement has gotten out of control and could backfire if officers mistake a paintball gun for a real firearm.

The grassroots movement first gained traction on social media in early April as a proposed way to resolve conflicts with paint instead of bullets. Since then, participants from Atlanta to Detroit have engaged in full blown paintball wars on city streets, with as many as 50 shooters taking aim at each other at once, hitting innocent bystanders and marking up cars and homes.

Over the last week, police in Detroit started making arrests for destruction of property. Paintballers say they’re being targeted for being young and black and that cleaning up paint is a lot better than picking up dead bodies.

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33 thoughts on “Detroiters Are Waging Paintball Wars As A Way To Stop Gang Violence (HBO)

  1. This is so much better than actually weapons. Fair enough they want to keep the public safe, but it is MUCH better beeing hit by a paintball than an actual bullet

  2. I can't wait for the first mass shooters to use a paintball gun instead of a real gun…I mean at the end of the day it's a trend that will have to go away eventually but for now why not

  3. The issue with a stupid campaign like this, is that the only people actually participating are the ones that aren't involved in shootings and gang violence. Just another excuse to act like a delinquent.

  4. thèse niggaz crazy. these paintballs can injure you in a major way. how about it it's in your eye? what if you hit a child's? what's in Detroit's city water? I'm not sure but these guys have 0 brains

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