Do Girls Kiss On The First Date?

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In this episode, Jack Manley asks if Girls like to kiss on the first date. It turns out they do. Who would have thought that girls could actually have positive emotions about something so controversial haha for real though this video was really fun to shoot and I hope you guys enjoyed it.


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49 thoughts on “Do Girls Kiss On The First Date?

  1. All girls do it , it's called the Madonna/whore complex. Show her masculine energy and she shows you feminine, you get intimate so does she. Girls are Madonnas on the outside but whores on the inside, 9 times out of 10 if you understand she just wants to fuck more so than you, you're probably going to fuck just saying. Put her on a pedestal and paint her as this innocent princess she's gonna be fucking every dude behind your back that's direct about their feelings, meanwhile you think being her emotional support pillow gets your foot in the door.

    That guy in the vid that got the best guy friend , I felt his heart shrivel up and die poor dude but thats tough love I guess at least she was honest.

  2. There are some couples that have chosen to give each other the first kiss on the wedding day! If that is the case, what were they doing during the courtship period? Answer: getting to know each other. Communication is the Achiles' heel of relationships. Premarital sex may feel like communication, but it is not.

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