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In this quest for righteous knowledge Jack Manley risks his life yet again on the mighty 6th street of downtown Austin to find out how long should a guy last in bed because apparently he hasn’t been lasting long enough.

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32 thoughts on “HOW LONG SHOULD A GUY LAST?

  1. I mean I don't know if anyone agrees with me. But it honestly depends on how the guy is working it and what work both partners are putting in. I've been with my soon to be fiance for about a year and we have a lot of sex. When I first have sex with a new partner I usually last 45 mins to 1 hour. But as you warm up to the person you gradually decrease in time you can last. And then once you're completely comfortable you have your good days and bad days as far as lasting. I've never had a problem pleasing my lady. She likes the way I work it and the way I give foreplay. Also the way i treat her. We use what we have well and that's what I think matters. If you're just doing one night stands every few weeks then it would be different but if you love the person and you care for your partners needs you always find a way to satisfy them whether it's fingers, mouth, toys, dick. Doesn't matter. It's about the thought and the mindset of pleasing the person counts. The women in these videos probably don't have a lot of serious relationships so they're providing expectation for a one night stand partner. That's my opinion on the question of how long should he last. On a good day I'll last for 30 min. Including foreplay and doing the act 50/50 in time. If you have good foreplay, you can usually have mind blowing sex. That's the best thing I believe to having a true partner in the bedroom. Never a dull moment. One day these days these women will experience a true sexual partner instead of just fuck boys at parties.

  2. The longest I’ve lasted with my girlfriend was for about an hour and a half, two times all together; one hour the first time and half an hour the second time, I came a lot both times! The shortest I lasted was 5 minuets, we were in a rush.

  3. The best strategy is to let her go down on you first so you cum quickly, then you go down on her while you recover, and then you will fucking last all night. Works for me at least

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