Joe Rogan Experience #1139 – Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson is a clinical psychologist and tenured professor of psychology at the University of Toronto.

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36 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience #1139 – Jordan Peterson

  1. Love these two so much. Don't trust the media any more and would rather listen MYSELF to what a person has to say – these podcasts allow that and it is incredible.

  2. Totally agree with Joe that JP is completely misrepresented. The opposition clearly don't actually listen to what he is saying, or are too dumb/brain-washed to understand what he is saying, and if they did actually listen, they would learn a lot. This man is so special.

  3. This is why I really can't stand Jordan Peterson. (42:00) "A game is not a game" He's unnecessarily obtuse and uses word games to play through his arguments. Secondly, a lot of his arguments are this is x, therefore, y when x and y are unrelated. He also plays out his opponent's views to extremes along with diverting from his own opinion to the extremes but plays out his own views within a reasonable perspective. This guy has some ideas, some of them

  4. I think this also explains the mgtow movement. Their philosophy makes sense to them because they see women in an overly simplified way, they dont see them as equals at all and they fall to relate with them.

  5. 1:47:30 It's true that in a capitalist society that choices play a role in pay. But it's also true that jobs that are traditionally held by women are lesser paid. Teachers and nurses aren't paid as well as they should be and part of the reason for that is sexist decisions that were made 100-125 years ago. And they persist.

  6. Yeah, sorry, the whole Jordan Peterson thing ha completely came and passed for me. "How to be a better person: clean your room, don't be a lobster" mostly redundant stuff, but I guess that's why everyone loves him

  7. Wait I believe I know why the carnivore diet works….I believe it’s not that your only eating meat, rather it’s that your cutting out everything else that has been causing your health problems. It’s not what your eating that’s changing your health, it’s what your not eating. But I’m sure there are supplements you need to add to your diet to keep yourself alive, the problem will be finding which supplements you can take without a negative reaction.

  8. It's funny reading these comments, the vast majority of them are positive and inspired, but in all the reply sections there are awful sandbagging comments written by pathetic and resentful people. You know someone is speaking the truth when they bring hatred from left-wing and right-wing idealogues

  9. Joe Rogan is the academic equivalent of Between two Ferns.. discourse between an intellectual celebrity/expert/scientist and an intellectual layman (Rogan), best of both worlds for us all to relate to. These high-profile guests flock to you for a reason disparate from Zach's but equally as attractive – Zach through humor, Rogan through poignant ground-level inquiry from a thoughtful and articulate MMA mastah. Yeah. Anyway, brilliant, keep it thriving

  10. Wooooow!! I could listen to you two talk for muuuch more than 3 hours and still not be bored. I have trouble finding words, because you discussed so many interesting topics and most of all it was such a pleasure to listen to two men have a discussion in such a mannered and respectful way. Joe please, you gotta invite Jordan again, this was so far my absolutely most favourite podcast of yours! Great job!!

  11. To the people that are dismissing this guy as an "alt-right" evil man, you're intellectually and (most importantly) humanly missing out, ironically, you're behaving like the alt-right you're supposedly against by being prejudiced and closed minded for what? Because he's saying that the left has its extreme and that it must be called out the same way the extreme right is and rightly so?! Or insisting that the dialogue needs to stay opened between right and left by always being wary of both extremes?! Mind boggling…
    Listen to what he's saying starting at 1:23:14

  12. Joe sees through his BS so easily and they are able to still have a discussion without Peterson completely taking over the conversation and going full lecture mode for too long. Great discussion.

  13. Honestly, @PowerfulJRE, I hate to read for pleasure. Words alone are too boring for me. Too much is lost sometimes with words only. The interactions, environment, and movement creates more of an involved environment an hence easier to remember and stain your brain, so to speak. Love what your doing with JBP! Keep up the good work!

  14. I'm glad that you talked about the enforced monogamy, because I didn't know what it meant before this. The term sounds harsh, but when it's explained a little, I find that I'm sort of on board with thinking it would help our society. We might not live in a polygamous culture (because even polygamy requires a commitment from the parties), but we enforce the cultural norms of commitment less and less, and it seems clear to me that that is generating a lot less incentive for men to maintain a lifestyle that could support a family and its causing a lot of frustration and dissatisfaction for both men and women who want to find someone who will be in a strongly committed relationship. I think the main point of distinction is that he's talking about culturally enforced, not enforced by an authority like a government or religion. People who are for less government regulation and a free market propose something similar. They don't think we need gov regulation to force corporations to act ethically because the will of the consumers and the market will drive them towards ethical behavior. I'm not trying to talk about whether that would work or not, but it seems like the same thing as this. If enough of the population accepted long-term, monogamous relationships as the best choice and refused to enter into non-committed sexual relationships, the "market" will drive people towards that choice.

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