Joe Rogan Experience #1146 – Jeff Garlin

Jeff Garlin is a comedian, actor, producer, director, and writer.

30 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience #1146 – Jeff Garlin

  1. The girl who stood up on the flight is retarded, it's just more virtue signalling by a misguided amateur "activist".
    The guy who was being deported attempted to enter the country illegally, of course he's being deported.
    He's not known to be some sort of an enemy of the state who will be executed upon arrival in Afghanistan or anything, apparently she got on the flight thinking someone else was being deported but just found him when the realized the other person wasn't there.
    Her rationale is that Afghanistan is unsafe in general, and therefore nobody should be sent back… using her logic every single person in Afghanistan (or any other dangerous country for that matter) should be free to just show up in any country they want and start living there illegally.
    The world absolutely cannot function that way.
    Apply for citizenship or asylum, go through the proper channels, follow the rules, if you're deemed to be a good person who will contribute to society in a positive way then welcome to your new country… if you try to enter illegally then you should be punished.
    If the whole world were filled with people from Afghanistan, then the whole world would be like Afghanistan… strong borders are important.

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