Life Lessons From an Incarcerated Father: Last Chance High (Episode 6)

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In Episode 6 of Last Chance High, Cortez makes an emotional trip to the prison where his father is serving a life sentence for murder. Deeply affected by the visit, Cortez begins taking his medicine regularly, and soon shocks his teachers with a new sense of self-control and openness.

On Chicago’s West Side, there is a school for the city’s most at-risk youth — the Moses Montefiore Academy. Most of the students at Montefiore have been kicked out of other schools for aggressive behavior, and many have been diagnosed with emotional disorders.

Last Chance High takes viewers inside Montefiore’s classrooms, and into the homes of students who are one mistake away from being locked up or committed to a mental hospital.

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35 thoughts on “Life Lessons From an Incarcerated Father: Last Chance High (Episode 6)

  1. The medication isn't good to take everyday, it's going to make him deepened on those pills to be calm and happy… when he doesn't have um just gon be angrier than before

  2. Most of the kids that are “bad” Nd a. “Bad influence “ that I know it’s just because their dad or mom left them . Nd they feel like. It’s their fault. At least for me it was .

  3. Without a father, there’s no stability. No matter how much a step father or another male provides for a young man…the biological fathers role is crucial. Look how he instantly straightened up in that short time. He’s hurting, his dad is hurting, the mom is hurting…the cycle must be broken.

  4. this is not just poverty..its product of a very toxic mindset or thinking…this is what the hip hop culture produces…its what the rappers preach and the listeners are living the script..from body mannerisms,way of talking and actions…a good example is the play recital..they have to march but cortez brain is hired to hip hop imagery..all he can think of is a club..probably never been in one..but he got intruduced to club culture from what he saw in a rap other words hip hop is programming medium..shows u how to act in different situations but most of the reactions are anti social reactions..kill,steal,revenge etc..and the videos teach u how to react when u get into same situation in real life and u asking how do i react to it..all your brain turns toonis to whars being taught to u to do..but if all u been listenung to is hip hop ..guess what??..that will be your default template of reaction..and it gets worse if u r a child ..and thats chicago violence and issues in a nutshell..

  5. Cortez reminds me a lot of myself I lost my father to the system at the age of 12 and I know he will be ok if he listens to his father because I've learned from mines which made me turn out to be a good person who went down the right path when I could of easily made excuses for doing wrong due to circumstances life can come with !

  6. Cortez ended up getting arrested on September 4th 2017 and that's all I know about him, This school closed in 2016, and the only other thing I know is that the kid that Coach Williams grabbed and said "You're my Number one" was shot and died sadly…..terrible man… Terrible

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