We Met The Founder Of Ethereum, VICE on HBO, Season 6 (Bonus Scene)

Bitcoin’s emergence as a global digital currency has been as revolutionary as it has been erratic. But while fledgling investors obsess over every fluctuation in the cryptocurrency market, nation states are more interested in the underlying blockchain technology and its ability to revolutionize how business is done on the internet and beyond.

VICE’s Michael Moynihan travels to Russia with Vitalik Buterin, inventor of the Ethereum blockchain, to get a front row seat to the geopolitical tug of war over Internet 3.0.

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46 thoughts on “We Met The Founder Of Ethereum, VICE on HBO, Season 6 (Bonus Scene)

  1. LOL, he was getting paid 5 BTC to write an article 😀
    wish I was doing something with crypto back then… btw check out ALQO coin they building an ecosystem for their coin to always have a use.

  2. hopefully this guy not get assassinated like JFK, anyone who willing fight the bankers probably ended up miserable, bankers rule the world, bankers already faking 2 times world war, created united nation IMF and world bank.

  3. He's got good vibes. He is satisfied with himself as he is, so you can tell that he's unattached to wealth, and whatever other stuff generates greed in everyday people. So his ideas seem to me to be coming from a place of selflessness, passion and compassion, and to me it seems that he has nothing but good intentions for society and other people. This is how magnificent ideas sprout. I believe that the trees of his seeds will never stall in growth, as they do for most people because of greed, overvaluation of funds and attachment to the ego.

  4. he looks like he was born inside a computer somehow. I do get the feeling that some younger people are mutating into strange new creatures with differently slanted minds. He kinda has the look of one…

  5. Ethereum appears to have a crack team of computer programmers and computer science people, each a one of a kind genius, that have the capability as a group to easily outdistance any form of competition.

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