Why Do Girls Dump Their Boyfriends?

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For some reason girls seem to lose attraction after being with a certain type of guy. To get to the bottom of this, Jack Manley gets it straight from the horse’s mouth aka Hot Girls in this episode. Why Do Girls Dump Their Boyfriends.

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34 thoughts on “Why Do Girls Dump Their Boyfriends?

  1. Look how proud they are about dumping boyfriends. Wait until they‘re 35 and single and no man wants their flappy ass. It will be a lot of crying, wine and chocolate 😂

  2. ….because they are animals who have no control over their lust emotions for other men, so the morally righteous ones dump their boyfriends rather than cheat on them….the rest cheat.

  3. Btw most of the girls that got cheated on are thots and thinl their shit dont stink "he cheated on all of this" BITCH maybe because you is a bitch and thought you was to good for them, thats most of the girls nowa days

  4. They dump there boyfriends because most of them are fucking around do this dumb shit talking to other girls and kissing this kid is a fucking man thot

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