China Is Trying To Keep Shanghai’s Soaring Property Market Under Control (HBO)

Shanghai’s property market is super hot, with surging demand for new apartments and prices in September hitting an all-time high, as the new middle class becomes the urban elite. Those who can afford to are even snapping up their second or third property as status symbols.

People born into Mao’s China in the 1950s and ’60s are now enjoying an economic emancipation since the country opened itself up to foreign investment in the ’90s, creating a new consumer class. But income disparity in China is increasing and over the next decade, a projected 400 million will move to China’s cities.

The Chinese government, fearing a widening inequality gap between the cities and the countryside, is struggling to control the bubble.

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46 thoughts on “China Is Trying To Keep Shanghai’s Soaring Property Market Under Control (HBO)

  1. When low income public housing is destroyed in the West to make room for some grand project, well, it's a greedy and heinous act.. when it happens in China it's fascinating, apparently.. that's VICE News for you.

    @4:33 So he's been living there 60+ years? So, is that ~62 years or 69 years? Kinda matters as you can't own land in China as everything becomes state property after 70 years..

  2. so Pudong and Beijing are also casually sinking because the buildings being built there are too concentrated and gigantic for the land to support…

  3. 1:30 "snapping up their second or even third property as a symbol of status" ??
    That is a ridiculous characterization, people buy multiple apartments as an investment not as a status symbol…

  4. As a native Shanghainese who left there to Toronto 4 years ago, I have mixed feelings watching this video. Shanghai is a city you can both love and dislike.

  5. UNBELIEVABLE. $7 MILLION DOLLARS for an appartment 200ft above ground, staring through the smog & exhaust fumes of a Chinese polluted city? Hmmmm. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I never understood human obsession with concrete high-rise buildings that are a potential VERTICAL GRAVE YARDs IN THE EVEN OF A SERIOUS FIRE?


  7. I feel like a lot of these VICE "reports" the reporters are just given a narrative and then the episodes are just visuals leading questions that satisfy that narrative. Rather then being genuinely curious about what's going on

  8. As a chinese ,iam really proud of our country, we.know we still have many problems in politic and economy but the development trend cant stop. we dont care fucking politic or so called democracy, we only need high quality life and be rich , remember that when a society has no well educated surrounding to do democracy which means democrazy.! USA never allow Texas and California to be independent even if they are democracy. LOL. Chinese now all over the world and we believe we will leading next. 100yrs , we love peace. and never colony others like some so called democracy countries to do the primitive capital collection. China! Future! Go !

  9. what??!! because men!!, y'all, i swear!!: that broke @as government lackey?! the guy at the end of the video: probably not even two and i mean 2!! coins or paper's worth of RMB's..or yens.. or by whatever name my Chinese brothers & sisters call that money over there..but does he have any of it in his own name??..lordy, that fool, still trying to flirt! lololol!!..why, oh, why?? because, that brotha's definitely, yes he is, "on the passenger side of his best friend's ride, tryna holla…," at her!, hahahahaha!! 😄😄😂😂🙄🙄

  10. This video doesn't show the real face of Shanghai. Well google doesn't either, so its not that surprising. Just search for Shanghai + pollution and look at pictures. Its constantly nuclear winter.

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