College Girls Give High School Confessions


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Jack Manley ventures into Downtown Austin during SXSW, a week long festival full of equal parts alcohol and bodily fluids to capture some of the wildest stories.

49 thoughts on “College Girls Give High School Confessions

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  2. God running ur ex over wit a car… 😳😳😳… boy I’m glad that I’ve NEVER had a gf in my life (let alone kissed a girl EVER) in my 20 years of living

  3. this stupid bitch who ran over her ex bf probably uses verbiage like "male privilege" even though her female privilege allowed her to run him over, and not have any consequences… but yeah.. there's no such thing right? GTFOH. Nothing but hypocricy. Everyone in these videos acts retarded. Are there any normal girls anymore or are they all just lose, arrogant hoes?

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