Ex-Navy SEALs Rescue Children From Sex Trafficking In San Diego (HBO)

According to the FBI, there were 465,676 National Crime Information Center entries for missing children in 2016.

Frustrated that police don’t always treat runaway and missing children cases as a high priority, private investigator Joseph Travers started Saved in America to pick up these cases where cops leave off.

Saved in America is a San Diego–based nonprofit made up of former Navy SEALS and police officers who, as licensed private investigators, assist parents and law enforcement in tracking down runaways.

Since its inception in 2015, the group has assisted in the rescue of 35 children, finding them from California to Florida, in an average time of nine days and at a cost of $5,000.

VICE News follows the group of volunteers on the ground as they assist a mother from Utah in search of her daughter.

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46 thoughts on “Ex-Navy SEALs Rescue Children From Sex Trafficking In San Diego (HBO)

  1. If you know where your child is being held then don't call law enforcement . Take matters into your own hands. Or let your loved one get raped while you and law enforcement have a conversation on why they can't help RIGHT OUTSIDE THE PLACE YOUR CHILD IS BEING HELD. I'd gladly spend the rest of my life in prison, fair trade indeed.

  2. I'm glad that groups like this exist. But bothered by the fact that they are actually needed. If memory serves Mercury 1 is the name of another group that rescues kids from human traffickers.Its been awhile sense I read anything about them so I may or may not have the name right. Glenn Beck recommended them as a worthwhile charity.

  3. You do know there are alot of ordinary people: missionaries, non profits, law authorities, churches ect. who rescue. Not trying to diminish a Navy seal, but there are others who do this work.

  4. Looks like my ability to engage with these people who do this crap and help kidz get home. Fkn scum of the Earth would sell another human being. Kidz R not all runaways some R jumping out the frying pan right into the flames. Parents wake stay at home and pay attention 2 ur elders. Life iz more precious than any high or imagined freedom from rules and regs.

  5. I think you can set up GoFundMe sites for either your group, or one for each person rescued, because none will be truly free until they all (and every human) have a Guaranteed Income, so they don't end up going back to their pimps to make a living. That's what we should do for every child and woman and man worldwide to quickly end world poverty, which is caused by capitalist wage slavery, which is the only cause of world poverty, and thus, of all sex trafficking, because if every person worldwide had a Guaranteed Income no one would find "employment" & their only way of income to deal in sex trafficking, and killing elephants and rhinos for ivory tusks, and cutting down every tree on earth, especially it would save the Amazon rain forest. We can finally end world poverty with computers redistributing money more equally worldwide. Everyone can help others, people helping people!

  6. I'm confused here…if she is a minor, why don't the police have the legal authority, even IF she ran away? I could see if she was of legal age (based on the state in question). Don't the parents have authority to claim her unless she becomes emancipated from them? I don't get this shit at all. How is there no probable cause when she is in or near a known trafficking house? This is just the law wiping their hands clean while having them tied behind their backs due to red tape. Unbelievable.

  7. If you YT search "Ross Kemp extreme world India" there is an episode on trafficking and kidnapping of girls over there. It's absolutely devastating and heartbreaking to watch, but unfortunately it's their reality 🙁
    I haven't watched it yet, but I believe one of his London episodes and his Romanian episode also covers child trafficking. Also there is a movie that another group of amazing men, like these guys in this video, have done about saving children from sex trafficking and prostitution, called The Abolitionists. Unfortunately Ihavent been able to track down a copy of it either on yt or online, but if anyone does have a link to an online copy of it (I'm happy to pay to rent it etc) a link or info would be greatly appreciated 🙂

  8. The Govt Depts are suppose to protect the public,NOT turn their back on the Missing People whether they are running away or not!! It make's it look like their Dept's are the problem, in with the Trafficking of Humans for Sex…

  9. the mom broke my heart , an i love when she said i don't want to be greedy n say i got mine back what about all the others . she is a good mother an woman in my opinon blessings to her .

  10. San Diego police are some of the dirtiest pieces of shit I've ever seen. Yes, I know not all are. But if they are not, they do look the other way for the ones that are.

  11. The cops. Fucking idiots don’t have enough probable cause? They’ll pull you over for no reason, but they won’t force entry to save a girl who’s being trafficked. What a big joke.

  12. God bless these men! Men of GOD! what selfless great human beings! it took them 2 days to help that mom find her daughter whata hell are police doing then? Unbelievable! Our tax payer dollars are going to these lazy assholes who are just standing outside yakking while a minor forced into sex slavery is being raped over and over and over! If it was your daughter would you just stand there and say we cant go in? Stupidest comment I have ever heard! Have a heart! Rescue that poor child. your wearing a badge to protect and serve the victims of crime. May these navy seals get the favor and protection, everything they need to help these girls since police are absolutely worthless! WHERE CAN WE DONATE TO HELP THE NAVY SEALS?

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