Hot Girls on Does Size Matter?


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For Jack Manley’s first adventure into 6th street Jack asks the age old question does size matter? Girls seemed to be very firm sure that it does but you’ll have to see for sure!

37 thoughts on “Hot Girls on Does Size Matter?

  1. They cant be serious when they be sayin 8 inches. No way they gonna be able to fit that shit. They gon see it anf fucking dip. The normal person doesnt have an 8 inch dick

  2. women are terrible at math and estimation, if you show the average woman a cell phone and ask her "if a dick was that size how long would it be," most would say 8" when it's usually around 6.25".

  3. If this video lowers your self esteem, your an idiot. These girls are all so stupid, they've got like five years more to enjoy what their looks get them, after that, they will be lonely ass pyschotic clingy women.

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