Hot Girls on Fighting

I love you guys

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Jack Manley has ventured into the concrete jungle that is 6th St to pursue the answers to all the big questions:

“Does God exist?”
“What’s the meaning of life?”
“Does my father love me?”

But the long awaited question, “What do hot girls think about fighting?” has yet to be answered. In this comical interview Jack unravels the funny truth.

41 thoughts on “Hot Girls on Fighting

  1. These white girls only think of sex…
    They should know.. Life means.. One day you have to die so.. Self explore yourself.. Sex takes a small part in life.. Because after a certain age.. You cann't do sex..

  2. You should keep reapeating the same video ideas because there's literally so many people you could ask 😉 Not saying don't do new questions, just what ain't broke don't need fixin' ✌

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