Hot Girls on Nerds ft. Connor Murphy

I love you guys

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Jack Manley ventures into 6th st once again to find out if Nerds are socially acceptable not just in academia, but to hot girls as well.
This series of interviews was made for educational purposes only. And maybe for a little bit of fun too.

35 thoughts on “Hot Girls on Nerds ft. Connor Murphy

  1. "I just Put this Glasses And this HAt..Drss Like a Nerd Right"

    I REALLY LAUGHED!!!!!!!!

  2. I don't care how many girls he's kissin, it's funny no-one can see this guy is closeted. Nothing wrong with that but I don't like he's only all about only women. Drunk, u can see it way more lol… funny video tho πŸ˜† u can be a good actor.

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