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Many ponder how they can achieve success in love, power, happiness, or family… while others wonder, how can I find someone to do all that work for me? Well if finding a special someone like that is hard and necessary, then the sugar daddy may be right for you! In this episode of Jack ManleyTV Hot Girls were asked what they think about Sugar Daddies and it turns out they may be in demand more than expected.

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41 thoughts on “Hot girls on Sugar Daddies

  1. Any old guy that spends money on hot ass and gets NOTHING for it, should just shoot himself in the head. You get the money, AFTER I get serviced, not before…. and if you're dealing with Donald Trump types, you don't get the money EVERRRRRR.

  2. They want nothing in return. Half these girls have asshole that can’t shot because they are getting fucked snaky with 50 year old dick and I’m so happy about that. I can’t wait till every one of these whores then ugly and dirty and they self medicate because no one loves them but their dog. For all the players out there. Know one thing you can turn the tables on any of these whores and play them they all deserve it so have no mercy. For all the men losing hope. Don’t be afraid watching this. In the streets you find all the trash. Go to a library go find a nurse whatever a nice girl she would not be this way. Take away the sex and all these girls are worthless. Don’t have any mercy on any of them.

  3. That last guy has a YouTube channel haha holy shit that’s so funny. He does similar vids to jack that’s awesome how they’re there at the same time

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