Inside The Clean-Up Of Chernobyl, The World’s Worst Nuclear Disaster (HBO)

At the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, workers are tackling the final preparations for a major milestone, slated for next year: handing over full control of the site to Ukraine. Chernobyl still holds the distinction of being the world’s worst nuclear disaster. And the job of containing the fallout has required an international cast of players. A year ago, crews finished putting the new sarcophagus in place. It’s a massive steel arch — officially called the New Safe Confinement — that covers the destroyed reactor. Now, workers are busy sealing up the space between the new sarcophagus and the old one– which was built in the 80s. And they’re facing some of the highest levels of radiation they’ve encountered so far. Jake Hanrahan got an exclusive look.

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45 thoughts on “Inside The Clean-Up Of Chernobyl, The World’s Worst Nuclear Disaster (HBO)

  1. Scariest work place in the entire world radiation levels are still extremely high for humans and still manage to have high chance of having health problems in the future

  2. I loved how when the worker was asked on the train. What do you think about Ukraine taking over the site do you think they are ready he responds with yes I think WE are. I think it shows a level of comradery that is not always felt or seen in that region.

  3. Is it me or is it every time Russia fucks something up we Americans including the West always have to clean up Russia’s mess because in all honesty every time Russia fucks something up I think Russia should be honest and clean up what ever mess that the Russians created in the first place because now because of Russia’s incompetence no human beings can live in that area for the next 30,000 thousand years so Russia needs to start owning up to their responsibility.

  4. I don't know , but i love theses kind of places which uninhabited with a leafless trees . Perhaps a post apocalyptic survival games like S.T.A.L.K.E.R gave me chill to these kind of cities.

  5. I must say that recently VICE have really had me looking more and more on your videos. They are coming back to the good old content and roots again. Well done!

  6. I wonder why they wear 3M (TB mask)… to prevent from inhaling radiation infused dust?

    Know a person living and working near Chernobyl…they are banking there of off Foreign aid…especially those n charge taking cut from aid (i.e. stealing)

  7. Fukushima has now surpassed Chernobyl as the world's most worst nuclear disaster. More radioactivity was released there than at Chernobyl. Fukushima was hand's down the worst especially since it was caused by an act of God. Unlike a human error as was the case in Chernobyl. Way worst by far. Fukushima is still releasing high levels of radiation since the disaster took place 7 years ago in 2011. Chernobyl they we're able to neutralize and contain a major portion of the radation that was released. Plus the original sarcophagus is now being covered up with a more modern and larger sarcophagus. Fukushima still hasn't been fully contained. Let that sink in.

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