Inside The Monumental Effort To Rid The World’s Oceans From Plastic: VICE on HBO | Full Episode

Plastic in the world’s oceans is reaching epidemic proportions — it’s estimated that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. The world dumps the equivalent of one garbage truck of plastic into the ocean every minute, or eight million tonnes of plastic every year.

Beyond ruining beaches and harming marine life, this plastic is becoming a permanent part of food chains and ecosystems by breaking down into dangerous microplastics, or tiny particles that absorb chemicals in their environment. These microplastics have made their way across the globe and into ecosystems as remote as the Arctic sea ice.

In 2008, VICE documented the scope of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a subtropical gyre where marine debris concentrates due to the ocean’s currents. Eight years later, VICE followed up on the problem, visiting one of the most polluted beaches in the world, Kamilo Point in Hawaii, and exploring how that plastic is finding its way into our food chain.

Though the sheer magnitude of waste in our oceans makes the problem seem impossible to fix, one young Dutch engineer claims he has the solution. This year, Boyan Slat and his Ocean Cleanup team plan to deploy a structure in the Pacific with the aim to clean up half the Great Pacific Garbage Patch’s plastic in just 5 years, all while converting millions of pounds of collected plastic into reusable products. VICE traveled to the North Sea to see the deployment of Slat’s prototype and discuss the feasibility of saving our world’s oceans.

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40 thoughts on “Inside The Monumental Effort To Rid The World’s Oceans From Plastic: VICE on HBO | Full Episode

  1. VICE's Isobel Yeung traveled to the shores of Hawaii and the coast of the North Sea to see the deployment of Slat's prototype and discuss the feasibility of saving our world’s oceans.
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  2. I went to Palawan a few years ago, a place that boasts the most spectacular shores and coral reefs, and found it littered with plastic. We were told that people of Palawan take time to clean up shores and pick up plastic that come adrift, but the garbage comes in such an over whelming pace that they can't keep up. Most of the garbage comes from Malaysia and China. You can tell because of the language on the garbage. It's really depressing that you can do your best to keep your home clean but people from other countries are the one messing it up in the first place.

  3. So he is financing the plastic cleanup by "recycling" the plastics he has removed from the ocean and selling it to be made into more disposable products. Which will inevitably be dumped again. I wonder where bio-plastic fits into this? Plastics made entirely from plants instead of petroleum based. What about more durable paper products and plant based products which will be full compostable? I don't see how this is actually going to solve anything.

  4. i see that this guy clearly has his heart in the right place but doesnt he see that by using this plastic to recycle and sell off it, will just be used and then thrown back into the ocean?

  5. Yeah, this guy figured out how to become a multimillionaire by 2020, just figure out how to filter all the plastic people dump in the oceans and sell it back to them, smart.

  6. Everyone can help you see some trash pick it up.

    Plastic water bottles aren’t necessary get a metal reusable bottle and just fill it up.

  7. We have to ban all plastics under 2 mm in thickness. We have to make it as wind resistant as possible to help keep it out of the ocean. We need to clean it out of the ocean as soon as possible. We're fucked!!

  8. The young generation will need to solve these problems that the stupid old farts created and left behind. The rule should be that for one Scott Pruitt born there should be 100,000,000 Boyan Slats.

  9. if you see rubbish on the beach put on some gloves and put it in a recycleing bin.You may be wondering what about the fish that swim into these nets against the currents?Dont test this but most healthy fish wont even flush down a toilet because they just swim up,so they'll get them selfs out of it.Unless thier tangled,then not so much.

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