Joe Rogan Experience #1116 – Steven Tyler

Steven Tyler is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, best known as the lead-singer of Aerosmith. He is also the subject of new documentary called “Steven Tyler: Out On a Limb” available to stream on demand.

38 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience #1116 – Steven Tyler

  1. Joe Rogan, if you haven't already done this…. Steven Tyler also, if you see my post, research the Pineal Gland. It's known in spiritual circles as the "third eye", and is actually neurologically connected to the visual cortex.

  2. Steven is such a great guy. He loves his family. Cares about other artists, and the future for them. I wish Rogan would shut his cake hole, stop interrupting Steven, and do a proper interview. No body wants to listen to Joe Rogan, constantly interrupting a rock legend, that has lived and breathed the air of life for 70 years. Let Steven speak…….

  3. sometimes even tought hes freaky as and old dude, do you imagine his histories? im glad i watch this hes a good vibe just what the did for music such a massive carreer.

  4. Memory in water.
    Apparently there's a guy called dr Emoto who believes that the geometrical structure of water molecules (their shape) changes according to the kind of vibration it is exposed to, be it sounds as in music or even words.
    So, Steven Tyler might be on to something when he talked about the possibility of water having memory.

  5. U guys Trashing the Donald , U might come to find the Trumpster will turn out to be the most prolific and successful leaders of our time if he was the worst I'd think nothing of it because career politicians are all the same but Trump gives birth to a new paradigm in DC one it hasn't seen in ages at least since Kennedy , The deep state is running for cover things are changing

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