Joe Rogan Experience #1123 – Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith is a filmmaker, actor, comedian, public speaker, comic book writer, author, and podcaster.

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  1. I have come to detest the word lazy as everybody is 'lazy' in some way,shape or form to include yourself.

    That's what forward progress and technology does. It makes it easier for us to do things, gives us the ability to do things previously not possible or ultimately does things for us all together.
    That's when the so called laziness comes in. Consider this, so many people will call rich people lazy because they pay maids to clean their house for them.

    Yet those same people are hypocrites as a good majority of them use dishwashing machines. Doesn't that make them lazy too? Because they're too lazy to hand wash their dishes.

    Or how about washing machines? You'd be hard pressed to find a home in America that doesn't have a washing machine yet the fact is that we are all lazy bastards for not hand washing every single article of clothing we own are we not?

    When the automobile was first invented people said humans were getting lazy because we we're no longer willing to feed and care for horses. Ironically now that we've advanced the technology to it's ultimate state you have people saying the same crap all over again.

    Now the idea that cars will not only be able to be self driving but also self repairing every mechanic in the world is saying we're lazy for not wanting to take care of(repair) our vehicles.

    We don't want to be bothered with such pettiness as having to pick up a wrench let alone use it so therefore we are lazy right?

    So my point is that narrow minded individuals that are uncomfortable with progress like to pick and chose what they consider is lazy when in fact we aren't lazy.

    We are simply creating new technologies which allow us to not have to do certain things while simultaneously providing us with the time and ability to do other or even new things. This is the entire point and purpose of technology!

    A fork allows us to eat without having to burn our hands grabbing hot food.

    You wouldn't go calling flight passengers lazy would ya? Of course not as it allows us to get to our destination quicker, thus providing us with more time for other things that matter to us.

    Instead we'd say that makes us smarter and more efficient. So the more efficient we are the lazier we are correct?

    Yet if you chose to look at it negatively one could say we are lazy for not taking the longer trip in a car. Lazy for not wanting to deal with the possible flat tires and any other problems that may arise from putting all of those miles on the vehicle.

    Laziness is a term smug people use while trying to act as though they aren't benefiting from the same exact or other luxuries they themselves enjoy!

    It's high time people understand that automation of every possible thing you can think of is the single greatest accomplishment humanity can achieve.

    Sure there was a time when putting in hard work to earn money/currency was the most equal and fair option for humanity.

    However that time is gone now. Now people need to understand that we are all slaves beholden to each other.
    Think about it, the only reason we 'should' be paying for things is because there are humans doing some kind of work in order for you to recieve whatever your paying for.

    If no humans at all were involved in the creation of said product then you'd have to ask yourself why the hell you should pay for it.

    Now the only true purpose for money is to keep some humans in positions of power which allows them to control the rest of us.

    Simply put money ensures that we fall in line and know what our prescribed position in life is.

    If we didn't have to pay for things then we'd be able to go wherever we wanted and do whatever we wanted and the powers that be can't have that.

    Yet they know that people are starting to wake up and become enlightened to these facts. Hence the reason why they are investing so much time, energy and money into building advanced AI robots.

    Unlike humans their deathbots won't tell them to go Fuck themselves when asked to do something against their will as they'll have no will and they won't care what color, creed or societal class you belong to!!!

    The time is coming soon when humanity is going to realize that all this talk of "Oh no the machines are taking away our jobs" is one of the most inhumane statements for any human to proclaim!!

    So with that I'll end this rant. Peace and love to all my brothers and sisters.

  2. Rogan is an aashole who always ignores the elephant in the room . . . EVERYBODY KNOWS THAT TODAYS HUMAN BEINGS AREN'T THE FIRST EVOLUTION OF HUMAN-LIKE BEINGS TO REACH A HIGH LEVEL OF TECHNOLOGY. THE PREVIOUS EVOLUTIONS OF HUMAN BEINGS ARE JUST SO FAR BEYOND US THAT THEY CHOOSE NOT TO BE SEEN BY OR INTERACT WITH THE KNUCKLE DRAGGING HUMANS OF TODAY (LIKE JOE ROGAN AND KEVIN SMITH). Imagine a people that have mastered cutting edge tech of today a million years ago. Where would they be today on the abilities and technological scale compared to today's human ape.

    Get some guests together and do a podcast about that you dumb monkey: "Are today's humans the first evolution of technologically sophisticated human being like creatures." Staring at hewn rocks and speculating is stupidity.

    No one is investing a penny into finding those ancients . . . (SETI is a waste of money – they're looking exactly away from the point of origin and it costs a ton of wasted money).

  3. 2:48:00 this is a fairly easy question to answer that I'm surprised a Catholic school student like Kevin Smith didn't know. Until Jesus Christ was 30 years old, he was a young man not allowed to preach. In ancient times, the Jews didn't think that a boy was a man until age 30. If Jesus had preached prematurely he would have ultimately died prematurely. I suppose it only takes a little bit of common sense even to figure that out without researching.

  4. Dear Kevin Smith,

    The moose isn't even top 10 deadliest animal to man. There are many different lists out there and you'd be hard pressed to find any of them containing the Moose. I love the podcast. I just had to set the record straight. Also, the mosquito is not only the deadliest animal to humans today. It is the deadliest animal to humans EVER. Look it up. Mosquitos have killed more humans than any other animal ever and still kill more today.

  5. 20:23 "she most certainly could be african american, for sure."
    No, just no. Political Correctness will kill you, Joe.
    Also i stopped watching there. Gatekeeping for PC, really? That's all you're actually worth when the chips fall?

  6. First off, Kevin Smith is awesome.

    2nd. I'm confused by a few things Joe is pointing to with Roseanne. "she thought she was Jewish not black". While Jewish people can be an ethnic group (the germanic and spanish ancestries) it is essentially a religion, so there is no reason someone could not be black and Jewish.

    3rd. The ambien arguments seem odd to me. Guy cooked food and ate it but didn't remember, guy went driving on it while completely zoned out, etc. They must be either taking way more than prescribed or mixing it with alcohol or other drugs as I can't see doctors prescribing a sleep aid that has the side effect of possibly making you drive somewhere unconscious. But I'm not a doctor so that's just my opinion.

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