Joe Rogan Experience #1136 – Hamilton Morris

Hamilton Morris is a writer, documentarian, psychonaut and scientific researcher. His show “Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia” is available on VICELAND and iTunes.

37 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience #1136 – Hamilton Morris

  1. when I was in the crux of my heroin addiction… I couldn't pee standing up. I had to sit and relax my body completely just to let the urine out. I loved and still do love heroin, but it has ruined my life too many times for me to go back. But, if I met the right person…

  2. I'm a heroin addict that has never tried kratom, may never try it. The descriptions I've heard from many people make it sound like heroin, I can't convince anyone that already believes it's benign not to abuse it. I will just implore people to take safety with any mind altering substances as the first step, do not take safety for granted.

  3. Just had to say I’m a painter and all the painters I’ve worked with who are on speed only think they’re being more productive shit I’d rather work with a drunk! Lol

  4. Why is pot-paranoia/panic attack different from mushrooms for example? Hamilton says psychedelics help you with unnerving topics which I'd 100% agree with mushrooms but pot-panic has never helped me 1% it isn't healthy and doesn't make you realize something REAL like serotonin psychedelics. I'mma go out on a limb and say people who become disturbed after smoking don't ever get a new good perspective. Rogan is so biased towards pot and can be an idiot sometimes.

  5. So let me.get this straight.
    When it comes to trump, Hamilton doesn't think that it's fair to blame amphetamines on his absurd behavior, but when it comes to Rosanne barr and her racism, it's okay to blame ambien? I'm genuinely not trolling and want to know why he would become so sympathetic for Rosanne under the same circumstance but not have that same logic with trump.

  6. Corporations with boards are about profit, but entrepreneurs, even if they started a corporation, are rarely about profit. It's about the game of building something lasting and useful. Money is just a tool, it's an intermediary of value exchange which is necessary to build things.

    I abhor this profit is bad mentality. Of course there's corruption, there's corruption in everything, but money is good. Money feeds people. Money shelters people. Economies of scale make things cheaper so they sell more so more money can be invested in innovation to make things better and cheaper so that poor people can have a better living standard.

  7. but kratom for me became a completely addictive substance for me….after I kicked heroin I became completely dependent on kratom and I hated it….but it is what it is… its still a very useful substance if it was used in place of more severe opioids… I also worked my entire life on heroin….until I couldn't any longer and didnt want to live that way. once addicted it made me a very useful worker though…

  8. Hamilton is a brilliant guy and an eloquent speaker. The psychedelic community greatly benefits from listening to him, as well as people who are simply curious.

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