Joe Rogan Experience #1138 – Ted Nugent

Ted Nugent is a singer-songwriter, guitarist, hunter and activist.

23 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience #1138 – Ted Nugent

  1. You know my only exposure to Ted Nugent previously was media that painted him as some crazed right-wing lunatic. While he's a bit further right than I am this conversation makes him seem like a pretty cool dude.

  2. Might be one of the best conversations I've ever listened to. It's so flipping dense, I've been listening to about 10 minutes a day for weeks. One of the best shows Rogan has ever conducted, I was amazed.

  3. Teds energy is amazing, his arguments compelling, I am from the UK so I thought gun ownership was crazy, now I underdstand. I want some of that deep red protein! A foreceful pragmatic character who loves his life and desreves everything he has achieved through his disciplne, dedication, passion and work ethic. Three hours energetic passionate discussion, now off to play a high energy gig, he's doing something right. I salute you Mr Nugent

  4. They did not ban guns in Australia.
    Well not quite, they did ban semi-auto rifles (Browning BAR) and shot guns for sporting shooters, but people such as farmers could and can still get them for pest control.
    I was working part-time at a gun shop at the time of the bullshit 'buy back scheme' were the Howard government brought your semi-auto rifle or shotgun then destroyed them. The person would go straight to a gun shop check in hand and buy a bolt action rifle or under & over shotgun to replace their semi-autos.
    Prices of guns went up on a weekly bases. Gun shops and distributors made a killing!
    Long live Ted!

  5. 1:56:55 one minor detail that sounded wrong in my ear, did Ted say Finland? Finland has 3rd most guns per capita in the world, hunting is very popular and most people do understand that it is about providing food and controlling ecosystems. No mainstream politician tries to ban guns. Handguns or automatic rifles are not allowed and guns have to be locked in a gun cabinet at all times except when used. In Finland civilian owned guns are for hunting and other sports, not for self-protection.

  6. People only become addicted to the extent they choose to abuse a substance , and you can abuse anything life is an experience so why not experience it , intelligence has its limitations stupidity has none discipline self control perseverance is your totem to success and happiness gun don't kill people, people kill people live by the sword die by the sword the gun you own ends up owning you just a little romance

  7. What a diarrhea of the mouth, koolaid drinking piece of shit. I could only make it about halfway through this podcast. Joe … he makes a few good points … he sprinkles them into the conservative koolaid that he spews non fucking stop. He's a bullshit used car salesman … I queued this podcast up because I haven't listened to him spew this shit in a while, and I wanted to hear if he has evolved at all. Not.

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