Joe Rogan Experience #1145 – Peter Schiff

Peter Schiff is an American businessman, investment broker, author and financial commentator. Schiff is CEO and chief global strategist of Euro Pacific Capital Inc. He also hosts his own podcast called “The Peter Schiff Podcast” available on iTunes and at

35 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience #1145 – Peter Schiff

  1. He keeps saying "everyone's saying the economy is great." No, not everyone. Just Trump and when it goes to shit he'll blame the black guy. Can't have it both ways.

  2. But the wealth IS being redistributed from the bottom to the top. Why aren't you complaining about those subsidies and corporate wealfare? Because it's fine when socialism works in your favor. Fuck off.

  3. "take money from someone who earned it". yes just ignore the corporate thieves with their golden parachutes and focus on the poor who obviously don't know what it means to earn something.

  4. Socialism turned the USSR from a semi-feudal monarchy devastated by world wars and civil war into an industrial powerhouse that outproduced the Germans and sent the first man into space. Then it all fell down on itself.

  5. Before it hits the 10 minute mark this dude has spent a minute and a half insisting that Nazism is Socialism. Either he's disingenuously manipulative or a moron. Then he dives straight into underhanded talking points to promote his product.
    Fuck this guy.

  6. I am with him for the most part but he way over-simplifies the 40 hour work week. If you give up that 40 hour regular pay and then overtime after and then double time later, companies will enslave the fuck out of people. The scenario where the guy wanted 10 extra hours that week is fantasy land. 40 hour regular pay also protects the older workers. He talked about skill all the time but age, and ability to put in ridiculous amounts of hours, puts older people out. If a company can work you for 100 hours a week suddenly out of the blue, they will, and you cant do a fucking thing about it except quit. 40 hour work week works just fine even if it is a minor inconvenience to get a second job for a little extra. It stabilizes everything.

  7. Fascism isn't a form of socialism. Fascism isn't even an ideology. Fascism is a political strategy that's built upon chauvinistic nationalism.

    The ideology of Italian fascists under Mussolini was radically different from the ideology of the Nazis under Hitler, which are both very different from fascism under Putin. What ties all of these together are political ideas/narratives.

    1) That this nation (whichever nation it is) has a special history, and a special destiny which makes its triumph correct and inevitable.

    2) That this destiny is/has been thwarted by some combination of conspirators inside and outside of the nation which mean to restrain it from its rightful glory.

    3) That the people of this nation have no identity above the national identity, that they can only be complete by exemplifying the national spirit, and that they can only be successful if the nation is triumphant over its enemies, internally and externally, and takes its rightful place as a historical power.

    4) That this triumph is dependent upon the miraculous abilities and willpower of a single, powerful leader.

    Socialism can take root any place where people are dissatisfied with the status quo. Fascism can only take place in nation states where the dominant majority feel humiliated by the course of history, by a real or perceived loss of status at the national level.

    Socialism and fascism can exist side by side, but they can also exist in complete opposition.

  8. Problem with Peter among many things is-on the assumption of Automation…because he's a numbers guy that's great at the good aspect of reductionism-turns out when productivity from AI goes up, that shows well in GDP but NOT for many people and communities.
    It's like a little fable from the Pre Brexit talks.One guy went to Sunderland(sadly a post industrial shit hole in North East England)Went to the main gig in town IE Nissan cars-told them they'd all be out a job if Brexit happens and that GDP would be crushed.
    A guy stood up in crown and said 'WHO's GDP…Yours not OURS'
    Peter should know these things I'd liked to have thought so.

  9. If you constantly claim we're headed for a recession, you'll be right roughly every 10 years. I have some of the same concerns as Schiff does, but economies are cyclical, let's not follow too many false prophets.

  10. I love that Joe has a free market capitalist on because most people need to realize what it truly is, and that "socialists" truly are clueless about the economy and are oblivious to how the very thing they supposedly stand for is the most perverse and oppressive form of productive organization, as it stifles individual rights, brings innovation to a crawl, and dictates transactions between two parties instead of letting them mutually choose themselves.

    That said, Peter Schiff is not the ideal poster child for Capitalism. Bring on someone like Ed Conard. The problem with Schiff is that he knows what he's talking about, but he also has an agenda. So he'll say a lot of things that are true, but then say something misleading in order to benefit him in some way. Like he's been predicting the "collapse of the dollar" for many many years now, and lo and behold, he has a gold company. He also flat out LIED about the Labor Force Participation Rate. Yes, it was at a multi-decade low under Obama, but it's gotten far better–not worse–recently. How else would the unemployment rate go UP after a 275,000 INCREASE in jobs last month, Petey-boy? C'mon.

  11. The problem with the gold is that the government can come and take that gold. Or that company can go out of business and then where does that go? The nice thing about Crypto is that there is no centralized aspect to it. No bank or safe or company to be raided by a government or company to go under.

  12. I decided to try your podcast yesterday. Maybe it wasn’t a best first listen. You and another privileged rich guy sat there smugly talking shit about poor people. What a fucking bummer.

  13. I didn't find his occupy wall street thing all that compelling. Completely free market capitalism doesn't work, just as complete socialism doesn't work. We had completely free market capitalism during the industrial revolution and we developed anti trust law and EPA protections unionized labor and all kinds of socialist programs to curtail the bad parts of capitalism.

    To me Occupy Wall Street was not an anti-capitalist movement, it was an anti-status quo capitalism and runaway greed with completely disproportionate sharing of economic gains following the recession. Run away CEO pay with golden parachutes even during terrible failures that ruined companies and cost people jobs. All that led to anger that became occupy wall street. Interviewing protesters on the street with an incredibly successful smart professional business man is not going to portray a fair argument on the points. Let him talk to an economist or similar person who is sympathetic to the intent of the movement. That would be far more compelling.

  14. so by using tariffs we would not really on China to manufacture and would have to rely on making things in America Again and use our own resources . Schiff kinda makes Trumps point if you think past his own point .

  15. Also Is the 1St and 2nd amendment still upheld in Puerto Rico? I doubt it but I'm curious for anyone to link or tell me anything on these facts… It's apart of the us, yet it's also it's own country too…. Just seems strange to me

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