Joe Rogan Experience #857 – Dan Bilzerian

Dan Bilzerian is a social media personality and professional poker player.

46 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience #857 – Dan Bilzerian

  1. How did you talk to this guy for 3 hours. I skipped forward… still talking about chicks and money… skipped again… chicks and money. He seems so boring.

  2. Wait so why do people care where he got his money, your not getting any anyways. Plus what if someone asked you that, y’all would be mad. Stop hating

  3. I tried the hanging based off of this video and my shoulder pain of 16 years is gone. Hurt it in the Army jumping out of a plane. 3 weeks 3 mins a day and it is gone!!!!! I'm so fucking happy.

  4. One of the things rich people can add to their life that poor people can't is variety. Variety of best things. Even if you can do everything, buy everything and do it all the time you really can't do everything. If you want to watch all the best movies you can build the best movie studio for yourself or buy some other place and have someone pick the best movies for you. But there are thousands of movies to watch. It takes an eternity. If you like motorbikes you can do motocross, enduro, trial, buy a big custom bike, buy a bullet and do track event. There is just so much variety you can do.

    There is not just the vertical thing. Going from small boat to big yacht to ocean liner to island. That's just vertical. But you can also go laterally. You don't need to go from mustang to porsche to koeniggsegg. You can do all kinds of different cars, boats and movies. Literally you can do different amazing things every day and never run out of things to do. That's a thing only money can buy and only money.

    I get it that rich people want to believe their lives are difficult just like a normal people but it is just fantasy. But people want to believe they make a difference, they matter as a person and it is not just money. That they have difficulties as well. But in reality they don't have difficulties. They have annoyances. The invented issue of spending money and having to spend money just to get bigger things to be the biggest and the best is just a weak ego. Because in reality with all that money you can pay to make every single day a good day. Saying the bad things make good things mean more is not reality. It is just poetry and we like it because it sounds meaningful. It is total nonsense. A cliche.

  5. This SPOILED asshole pays to be an extra in films to stay relevant LMAO yeah I've had 30 heart attacks I went through buds 57 times with a full body cast and 2 collapsed lungs dudes a joke just enjoy daddy's stolen money in private

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