Joe Rogan Experience #911 – Alex Jones & Eddie Bravo

Alex Jones is a radio show host, filmmaker, writer, and conspiracy theorist. Eddie Bravo is a jiujitsu black belt, music producer, and author.

30 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience #911 – Alex Jones & Eddie Bravo

  1. What a moment in podcast history! But Next time do this podcast without Edgy brah. I can’t even imagine the gems that Alex Jones would have dropped if he had been allowed to speak. JRE has never reached anything this height since this episode, the only salvation is bringing on Dave Chapelle.

  2. This podcast would be one of the top 3 best if Rogan didn't invite the troll on…this eddy dude i dont hate but shouldn't have been in this interview…he's a buzz kill

  3. One thing that I find incredibly suspect about Alex Jones is that when joe brought up emails. And other things. Alex was trying so hard to change the subject and would not stop talking. As joe said he kept glossing over HUGE accusations.
    And even when joe would say. "Whoa whoa lets address that"
    Alex would then go into another fast talking incredibly long diatribe that isn't actually giving evidence. He is just saying things and interpreting real storylines and applying it to his theories and he knows that if he talks fast and over runs the conversation. He can throw in little sentences that applies intent and what not and then move on quickly so
    That he can say things like "and then CNN knows about them raping kids and so on, so we saw that all these pedolhjles got arrested" and he can prove half of that.then he uses terms like psychic vampires.

    I donno. I like Alex. And I think he is actually more knowledgeable than a lot of people think.
    But this interview is like a tutorial of NLP to convince people about something. Talk fast. Make vast accusations. Make sure to say "I'm not saying X. I'm just saying Y And X is partners with Y".

    And don't tell me "oh Alex is just so full of knowledge and so smart that he speaks fast. And he knows so much that he is trying to explain and his mind works that fast"

    Bull. Shit.

    He is very smart. But he is absolutely speaking so fast purposefully. And he is throwing in accusations without proof. Mixed with accusations that have proof. And if you do it as fast and crazy as him you can show crazy shit. Half that you can prove half you can't. And he puts it all in the same umbrella.

    And he knows what he is doing. It isn't on accident and he isn't a savant that is brilliant. He is smart. But also trying to make claims home also saying "I'm not Saying"

    Sorry this is so long. Writing while listening and he is using some
    Serious NLP tactics. Trying to persuade people while telling half truths.
    I miss the "real" Alex Jones. He used to not care what you think. Now he cares so much that he uses testify to MAKE you care what he thinks. This convo is 30 percent fact. 70. Percent Alex jerking off into a cup so that fanboys can lap it up lickin the cup clean.

    I mean the proof is that thing where Alex said they misquoted him.
    Lol. No. He did say "she is a serial killer" and talked about her with blood and semen. And sex slavery throwing people off buildings.

    They hardly misquotes him. He is INCREDIBLE at lying and even more incredible of making his fans believe his every word. And really good at hustling everyone else by giving a little bit of facts. And a lot of accusations. And he implies everything is fact.
    That. Is. His. Game.

  4. So let me recap: Alex is pushing that Trump, the elite family and super rich Trump wants 1) to tax the rich and especially the super rich (EI: himself) , he 2) hates "globalists" yet he has a mega corporation. On top of that he wants 3) to help the poor (lol) and small businesses and etc etc etc. Basically the exact opposite of the truth. See, the problem is the gullable low to middle class (mostly white) person some how believed that a super born rich highly corporate greedy person cared about you… wait for it… LOLOLOL

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