Joe Rogan Experience #919 – Neil deGrasse Tyson

Neil deGrasse Tyson is an astrophysicist, cosmologist, author, and science communicator.

36 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience #919 – Neil deGrasse Tyson

  1. Joe Rogan interesting the fact that you mention the 24 hour daylight in Antarica, how come there is no video with that 24h daytime with the sun in the sky ?

  2. If Neil deGrasse Tyson ever gets buff again I will become an atheist because that would be all the evidence I need to prove that there is no such thing as balance and life is completely not fair.

  3. So, there a lot of comments here and its likely not many will read mine, but none the less I would like to bring two thoughts forward.

    1st. Regarding the observation of possible alien life.. it seems to me with the vast distance present between stars, and with our ability to only observe the light from the observable universe back to a very early point in time, why does anyone think for a minute that we will receive a signal of any type from any other intelligent being on any other planet in our observable universe ever? If we are only observing distant galaxies in their early creation (a restriction of the speed of light), intelligent life could have developed in many of these locations following our current observations. So, unless their communication ability can exceed the speed of light (significantly), we have no chance of ever being aware of their existence. Consider Andromeda… 2.5ish million light years away (our neighbor). If there was life for us to detect, it better have been there 2.5 million years ago, or we just aren't going to know.

    2nd. Dark matter / dark energy: Consider the analogy of the ant on the table unable to comprehend the 3rd dimension present above the surface of the table. Just as the ant is incapable of 3rd dimensional awareness (living on his table top), we are just as unaware of the 4th dimension living in our 3 dimensional world. Could it be that the results of what we label dark energy and matter are simple elements and forces which exist on a 4th dimension which is currently unobservable to us?

    I believe to continue our understating of the deep mysteries of the universe, we will have to begin to understand our reality in the context of multi dimensions and the warping of time space to facilitate connection across the observable universe and further.

  4. My mother lived in Shanghai and the Chinese not only view 13 as unlucky but also 4 because in mandarin it sounds like "death". The most unlucky numbers are 14 and 24 so the elevators go from 12 to 15. She lived in the nicest building in the city and was only able to afford it because she was on the 21st floor which was really the 24th floor so it was cheaper.

  5. 19:14 Uhhh… let me give you a math lesson Neil. Alpeh_0 is the cardinality of the natural numbers, usually known as countable infinity. The cardinality of the real numbers is Alpeh_1, called uncountable infinty. The set of transcendental numbers is contained in the set of irrational numbers, and hence can't have a greater cardinality.

  6. Both joe and Neil are pathetic cowards, they know the truth of many things but unfortunately their goal is to deceive and lead astray many people. It's their job. They have sold out to Satan. They know things such as the earth truly being flat and the truth of the Holy Bible it will never tell you. We are living in the final years of the world which is why so many deceptions abound everywhere you look
    Many wolves in sheeps clothing. Check out the videos on my channel to get caught up with what is truly going on in these final years.

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