Joe Rogan Experience #990 – Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx is an Academy Award winning actor, singer, and comedian. He can currently be seen hosting “Beat Shazam” on Fox and in the movie “Baby Driver” in theaters now.

33 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience #990 – Jamie Foxx

  1. I meet Jamie Fox a while back when he was filming jar heads. He went to my small town gym . he was the coolest MF ever. Played basketball with him for like a week stright ! Was cool to everyone !

  2. Dude, these advertisements are killing your content… so shitty cause i enjoy watching. Actually turning off the stream cause they are getting so repetitive

  3. i realy want two see francis bean cobain i hope i spelled her name right or daniel beniott and see if he well talk about his life that supper intressing his dad was chriss beniott wrestler know one knows what happen

  4. Makes sense comedians are under attack because without elements of the truth in it comedy is not funny. And truth is what is being attacked in today's world.

  5. Jamie, people are complex. All of us. Always surprising that people don't realize this. A person can be great or exceptional in one area and be despicable or strange in other areas. You have people that are star athletes and entertainers that break the law or abuse people in their private lives. You can have gifted artists and intelligent people that are revealed to have racist or anti-establishment views. Social media and media in general just reveals these things

  6. Privè rivau got 2 pairs before knowing that was foxx’s brand and was frankly surprised at how cheap the fresh styles were going for. Awesome to hear how that came about. This podcast really shows Jamie’s true character, awesome dude

  7. Jamie Foxx really is respectful and thoughtful toward his peer and the world in general. He thinks before he speaks. This is a very cool guy. I have always liked his work. Now I see he is a really genuine and sincere person. Another great guest on Joe's show.

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