Joe Rogan Experience #993 – Ben Shapiro

Ben Shapiro is editor-in-chief of the Daily Wire, syndicated columnist, and host of “The Ben Shapiro Show” is available on SoundCloud and iTunes.

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  1. Ben says "apparently anybody can" run for president. He should know more than anyone that the country was built that way for a reason. That's why the USA is so great. ANYBODY can. Just be 35 and a natural born citizen !! We don't want to be like other countries where only the political class can run for president. We don't need career politicians anymore !! Politicians do and that's why they're targeting Trump, but we love him there !! He's doing an amazing job !

  2. Just a tad of an exaggeration for Rogan to say that Shapiro crushed Morgan. In my estimation Morgan had the edge, and whilst Shapiro's final arguement is technically possible, it did come across as a little weak.

  3. Gender identity is not the same thing as biological sex. Because you have a canonical gender identity it is easy to dismiss it and assume the two are the same thing. Just because gender identity is a complex and still a incompletely understood topic in human development, it doesn’t mean that science is being denied. The brain and human biology are complicated, and that is a wonderful and fascinating thing. It is anti-scientific to dismiss gender identity as a separate phenomenon than biological sex and pretend they are the same thing just because it makes you feel comfortable. Or just because you want reality to be simple and binary for whatever reason.

    Having a non-typical gender identity is not a mental disorder. Just because people exist that are different than you doesn’t mean that they have a disease. When you assume that everyone should be like you, that’s called being intolerant and narcissistic. It’s time to respect transgender people and stop cherry picking bizarre or irrelevant examples to try to smear them. Throughout history our society has been cruel to people and given them various labels because they are different than what is considered to be a superior or normal. Enough.

    You can call me a SJW if you want. It is actually a good thing to care about social justice. If you are trans and reading this, I’m sending you strength and respect ✊.

  4. "I'm in politics all day……", but has NO INCLINATION that murder is part of the process. None. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, he cant be this naïve'.

  5. “In reality, the Nordic economies do not provide any support for the idea that relatively high levels of state ownership are incompatible with stable and successful economies. Sweden has 48 state-owned enterprises, Finland has 67, and Norway has 74”

    These are the most economically successful countries on the planet and yet they have the biggest governments of any countries on the planet.

  6. Fantastic episode with a lot of good details. Unknowledagble areas admitted and not discussed in detail and great points brought into discussion.

    Very little I could argue or disagree with that wasn't morally opinionated tailored to an individual. Great job, good work👍

  7. Shapiro: " I'm sorry, I'm not going to call a biological man a woman"
    Few minutes later when they're talking about Laverne Cox
    "I never watched the show either, but she's on the cover of time magazine… I mean he."
    Bro without even thinking you called a trans woman "she" no one freaked out or anything. You're literally going out of your way to be hateful lmao

  8. I don't understand what this guy is saying or doing for him to get so much hate. I'm a Muslim and tend to steer more to the left, but this guy has rational arguments. I don't agree with some of the things he said but I like his style. I just wish we had more people who can talk about and debate issues rather than stoop to hate and violence.

  9. When Hitler pictured Jews he pictured a mischievous man that looks like Larry David. When the gays picture Jews they picture Ben Shapiro wearing a cock sock doing the helicopter.

  10. There is no doubt catylin is a man and i would never deny thay. But, i will still say her insted of him out of respect. In the same way ill call a person who identify themselves as muslim or christian by that, regardless if they follow their religion fully or not. Its not something that i have to, i just got no probem with that

  11. I consider myself a Moderate; I agree with a good amount of what he is saying. Some of his comments lose merit, for me, since he is speaking as an outsider, i.e., issues related to the black community or the poor community. There are things people can do to slow your success or derail it. It's easy to say what should be done when you are not part of the situation on a daily basis. As he said, he does put some of his opinion into the conversation along with fact. It's something we all do.

  12. Not all British accents are the same, they are all unique and the problem is secondary english speaking countries such as USA and AUSTRALIA do not have a handle on regional british ,scottish, welsh northern irish or english speaking accents, where each of these countries have there own regionl accents. So wake up Americans and Aussies , learn all the accents from all the areas that are Britain.Tip for Aussies ,Scots accent is definitely not Irish.

  13. An anorexic person cannot insist that you call them fat. A tranny cannot insist you call them a particular gender that they aren't. A poor person cannot insist you can then rich. A high IQ person cannot insist you tell them they have common sense. A fat person cannot insist on being called skinny. A public school teacher can insist your child believe in evolution. Teach your children the truth is all you can do. But you cannot tell them what the truth is.

  14. I've definitely been three with the gerbil eyes. It's called alcoholism and I was 14 to 17 years old. Woke up with a broken eye socket, bra in my pocket, lost car keys, lost vehicle and NO IDEA what, who, when, where, why or how.
    The facts turned out to be stranger than fiction.

  15. 19:45 they nail it. reducing things to moronic soundbites to sway popular opinion is a terrible, terrible thing but so effective. Nowadays things also tend to be packaged with a meme or two for levity.

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