JRE MMA Show #33 with Brendan Schaub

Joe sits down with Brendan Schaub to discuss upcoming fights.

36 thoughts on “JRE MMA Show #33 with Brendan Schaub

  1. Lol. I guess Joe didn't get the point of what that guy said in Icarus. He said there is no way to medal in the Olympics without taking banned substances. That means everyone, including the Americans, who win a medal are "cheating".

  2. Man we used to listen to you guys on the ship in the Navy, I had like 5GB worth of podcasts downloaded…Helped maintain our connection to the outside world. Rogan for President! He's not the smartest, not the most visionary, but he's a good person with moderate views and people recognize the name. Maybe just governor of .CA or something

  3. They actually did a study recently and minimal shoes and barefoot running actually causes your foot to flex less and flatten more causing your feet to become weaker. everyone was shocked by the outcome

  4. For real on that shoe conservation i wear skate shoes most the time not to much cushion but enough and I'm so much more aguile feet don't hurt but my shitty work shoes slip resist to much cushion I feel like my balance is off and my feet kill me after

  5. I love how this podcast is like a regular conversation between friend more than an awkward interview . also the bear talk: i heard black bears get loud n scary, brown bear play dead cause they take loud n scary as a challenge to a fight. I carry a pistol in the woods that i hope would give me some kind of chance . .45 Springfield xd

  6. USADA is a Star Chamber – you are guilty first.. and then you have to try to prove yourself innocent. It is another govt bullshit entity set up – to push an agenda of so-called efficacy – but in fact is there to rake in the dollars. It is a business…Every time they nail someone guilty or not.. they hit the jackpot..

  7. Brendan, Logan was a godsend of an X-Men film and an actually good film instead of shot gimmick like the other X-men films. And he gets older because the adamantium is poisoning his body causing his healing to suck ass.

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