JRE MMA Show #34 with Josh Barnett

Joe sits down with heavyweight fighter Josh Barnett.

41 thoughts on “JRE MMA Show #34 with Josh Barnett

  1. Go on and on about neo marxism and then unknowingly take the conditioned neo-marxist originated view of hypothetical ''racism''. Race is just as real as gender, acknowledging its biological reality doesnt mean you hate anyone or want to kill them ffs.. They did this last time Josh was on because its pretty obvious what corner he stands politically and philosophically so they have to heavily signal about racism to make sure its safe and no one calls them names or accuses them of thinking anything totally forbidden.

  2. I used to look up to Rogan till I started listening to some of his views on life and where he gets his sources from. He is smart but Dumb at the same time as he believes anything he sees in the media or any articles. This Is why I prefer Eddie as he is a open minded person. If Your close person can lie to you about a simple thing what makes you think The Government can do ? THEY DON'T KNOW YOU OR YOU ANY USE TO THEM. Do not talk about a Subject that you have not much knowledge of as there aren't many people to correct you like this person in the video. Your making people believe what ever is on your mind. You are a person who shoudn't be talking about religion as that's your most weak side. Your atheist meaning you haven't done enough studies. You need a Scholar for that articular religion for you to be rambling about something that you have no knowledge of. Atleast that way you will be corrected. ISLAM IS THE FASTEST GROWING RELIGION IN THE WORLD. People just started doing Fasting because they saw all the Benefits of it but alot of people thinks it's bad for your health because the fact that they haven't done enough research for them to educate them self to change the way they think. ISLAM been fasting from day 1. Your not a Lazy person BUT when it comes to Religions your just soooo Uneducated which shows how lazy you are when it comes to Religions. You cant just see a Advert on Tv or News saying that a pill makes you loose weight then you go buying with out doing any Research on the ingredients and if it works on you then that's when you will tells Others (Millions Viewers) that it actually Works. If it doesn't work then You look stupid and it invalidates your other Facts that you have stated in many other videos of yours which is probably true. Your Smater then that Rogan.

  3. Never would have guessed I’d have enjoyed this episode as much as I did. Josh not only was bright he was engaging to listen to. Always respected his mma abilities, l leave here liking the man.

  4. These “mma shows” are just the same pod cast relabeled if you have a fighter on you barley talk mma. Why no just keep it as the regular podcast?

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