Should Guys Buy Girls Drinks?

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In this week’s episode Jack Manley asks a question on anyone’s mind who goes out…Should guys buy girls free drinks? Some say yes, others agree to disagree.. I’ll let you guys draw your own conclusions in our longest episode ever!

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43 thoughts on “Should Guys Buy Girls Drinks?

  1. o my god you man you made my life really i got a break up after a 5 years of relationship and really sad about it cos i m the loyal one and today i just watched your all video and you man just bring that awesome man alive again thank you so much .

  2. "Girls go through more stuff than these boys," yeah that's why our suicide rate is almost 4 times what a women's is. Fellas, do yourself and the world a favor and stoo buying women drinks, they don't deserve it

  3. Maybe it’s because I don’t go to bars often but if a girl likes you she’s going to talk to you with or without the free drink. And for the most part if she’s there with her friends she’s probably leaving with here friends so take this into consideration before getting your hope up.

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