The Fight Against ISIS In Mosul Reaches Final Stage (HBO)

Baghdad says its troops have surrounded ISIS stronghold of Mosul Old City after months of deadly fighting. VICE News embeds with the 9th division of the Iraqi Army as the battle against ISIS towards Old Mosul, the group’s last stronghold in Iraq, enters its last stretch.

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36 thoughts on “The Fight Against ISIS In Mosul Reaches Final Stage (HBO)

  1. The US created, armed, trained, fed, and controls ISIS.
    ISIS is the excuse for Invading Syria.
    The US created, armed, trained, fed, and controls Al Qaeda.
    Al Qaeda was the excuse for invading Afghanistan.
    The US created, armed, trained, fed, and controlled Bin Ladin.
    Bin Ladin was the excuse for the war on oil states.
    Israel created, armed, trained, fed, and controls Hamas .
    Hamas is the excuse for enslaving and genociding the Palestinians.

    That's how these wars really work.

  2. I was at Blackwater sniper in Desert storm! My spotter was almost as good a shot as I was my commander gave me permission to take out groups of men when they were going to stone a woman who is buried in the ground with our hands tied behind her back I also found a sniper he was in an opposite building from where I was he got careless after 4/5 shots! I went to the room where he was and I took his Russian dragon off 50 caliber with 1000 yard size twilight scope and a daylight scope both mounted on the rifle when I got home I bought all the 50 caliber I could fine if they come here there are three other squad members that live in my town we will goWe will go anywhere to kill Isis

  3. Dude if these solders were somewhat careful they could avoid killing there own with friendly fire but they don't pay attention and act like you can come back to life if you die, I don't get why they're so careless with there weapons?

  4. In almost every video you see of the Iraqi army they talk about having no ammunition but yet they will empty a whole belt or magazine in the air. I wonder why they dont have any ammo. Fucking retards…

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