The Mysterious Case of the Windsor Hum (HBO)

Thousands of residents in Windsor, Canada are plagued by a mysterious buzzing sound. It’s called the Windsor hum, and it is said to come from an island in the river between Detroit and Windsor. Residents track and record the hum daily, and are desperate for a solution to the constant noise pollution. But any action from the U.S. side is met with secrecy and inaction.

VICE NEWS talks to residents, captures recordings of the hum, and then takes a journey to the notorious island in an attempt to investigate the mysterious sound.

This segment originally aired June 6, 2017, on VICE News Tonight on HBO.

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30 thoughts on “The Mysterious Case of the Windsor Hum (HBO)

  1. We hear it here in Oahu, Hawaii as well.. to be honest.. it doesn’t bother me at all.. I hear that it’s heard all over the world and everyone can’t hear it at all

  2. People are still trying to know what the hum is? It is not hard. It is in the Commonwealth nations. It is a HUM ! OK it is the sound of Commonwealth Subjects. Some deep throated some licking her hair infested sack and others chocking on her pubic hair stuck on their teeth and around their tousles.
    Not every nation had the knowledge, skill, strength, endurance, fight and extreme marksmanship to say NO and become free. Put the natural/God given rights in writing as law to protect American civilians from places like we came from (England). That and quickly become the worlds new SUPERPOWER. We still celebrate English heritage though.

  3. You have a the Delray Connecting Railroad and the DTE Energy Coke Battery. The railroad carries the coke to the US Steel plant in Ecorse. You also have River Rouge Power Plant sitting right next to Zug. Almost all heavy industry is regulated by Homeland Security since 9/11.

  4. Zug island used to be in the Guinness book of world records as the dirtiest place on Earth, it's dirty and it's very dangerous so they keep people out. It isn't guarded by homeland security, they put those signs up at any site that might conceivably be a target of terrorists. They've been making iron there for over a hundred years, maybe one of the blast furnaces is getting too old.

  5. Can hear it in Amherstburg near the Detroit River close to Ranta Marina. It's a low hum almost like a big truck idling or a car with a flowmaster exhaust running at low RPM. It is extremely loud right now at 10:30 pm but I hear it mostly at 2 am

  6. call me crazy…but has anyone considered using noise cancellation to try and cancel out the troublesome windsor hum??? i heard it's around 30 – 35 Hz…so if the same 30 – 35 Hz was shot back towards the Zug Island and was 180 degrees out of phase…it "should" somewhat cancel the noise…this is just an idea i had…no clue if it would work on such a large scale…but hey…it works with noise cancelling headphones…i imagine setting up some large speakers near the waterline and directing it back at the island

  7. I would hate to have American neighbors, they dont even have the decency to look into it or try to help in some way which would make these peoples lives allot easier.

  8. Sounds like drilling. If that place is protected by homeland security, I'm going with exploratory underground uranium mine. That whole area for a region of a few hundred km around is associated with uranium mines, and the whole of toronto is a high natural radiation area. Mining permits are also being considered in Michigan.

  9. Underground digging with gigantic drills. They are drilling the earth to make contact with the underground society . theres a hole in the northpole you can see on google maps where the aliens ships fly out of.

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