What ISIS Left Behind In Iraq | VICE News Tonight (HBO)

As a major stronghold of ISIS in its brutal sweep across Iraq, the city of Mosul has been central in the war to defeat the terror group.

Iraqi forces began their campaign to crush ISIS in October 2016 just outside of Erbil, with a coalition of Kurdish peshmerga forces, and Western advisory allies. It was a long and arduous process of slowly advancing first from town to town along the Nineveh plains toward the city and then from block to block as they worked to liberate sectors of the city.

VICEโ€™s Aris Roussinos embedded with Iraqi forces as they began the campaign to retake Mosul.

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32 thoughts on “What ISIS Left Behind In Iraq | VICE News Tonight (HBO)

  1. The isis are government funded everyone knows why do you need to make boring documentary's about what the western countries fund why don't you enlighten us on how exactly there getting all this military grade equipment without been funded by rich pocket politicians ? well guess we as the ordinary persons wont get the truth. maybe because it would damage a lot of highly thought of politicians reputation everyone knows since even the early days of man its always the powers who control corruption and the rich they do it so it drives people away and they can go in take all the oil or trade power ups and leave the mess to be cleaned up like they did in Afghanistan to. yet it was bush who blew down his own trade centres when are people going to wake up to the fact its all a con and to not believe in terror groups media lies to you to poison your mind and corrupt your thoughts on other people if you are a terrorist your mind is also poisoned into believing your fighting for a reason when truly your playing into the hands of the puppet masters who sit in billionaire mansions and castles and top class planes your doing all there work why don't they walk in and do it for you ? the world of false media and news does it not tell you in the bible not to believe in media and what it shuns into you your minds because everyone knows media is used as a deceiver a trickster satan uses it to educe power and cause corruption war and death. ? when are people going to learn what are you fighting for ? and don't say god because every bible states they shall not kill only god has the right to take a mans life as he owns the souls of the living so why ? is it a false belief in media and what it prostrates to your mind influences you to want to commit harm to people who have never committed harm to you same for both sides have you ever stopped and thought what exactly are we bombing for what are we killing innocent people for our why we fighting or why are we angry with each other its all just for powers and money that's all there is no excuse to kill or to harm anyone even if army or terrorist we are all human and to commit such monstrosity on other people is a hell sentence introduced by the judge of man god don't think what you do is going to go un punished because it states in every bible what god does to murders and people who take other peoples lives wake up to the lie your been blinded by and look at the people you are harming look at there family's children look at your own family your own children your own father your own mother and think others people have these to and they love them like I love my own so why strip innocents from god and there family. learn to love one and other and learn to introduce peace to each other and stop slinging bullets at one and other bullets don't cause peace or save lives bullets cause more harm more war more death and more sadness and pain. war has no peace bullets hold no peace bombs drop no peace. truces hold peace and trust hold peace and love for all hold peace anyone who thinks other wise is a power hungry devil who looks to devour people and cause chaos. sorry for how long this comment was. but truthfully I hate seeing all this bullshit when people shouldn't be killing one and other but looking after eachother.

  2. 3:24 Dajjal Saleh & His Team = a Evil Terrorist = Later This Year 2018 = Winning AMSTHB A
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  3. Every time I see clips if the Iraqi army in action they are just randomly shooting their guns without even aiming or shooting missiles without knowing where they are going.

  4. Stupid CiA intel led to attack in Iraq by George fuking Bush.. no one talks about that nowadays!! They have shifted the talking points somewhere else..and we are looking right at it.

  5. AMERICA TRAINED , THEM. MAY THEY LIVE A LONG HAPPY LIFE. FREEDOM FROM ISIS. Thousand of dead solders. To save you all. And thousand wounded ! AMERICA LOVES U. SO DOES AMERICAN TROOPS ๐ŸŒน

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