What It’s Like To Take Care Of Multiple Family Members At Age 15 (HBO)

Jonathan is 15 years old and lives in Palm Beach, FL with his mother who has MS, his younger brother has a cranial disorder, and his grandmother that was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. As the only able-bodied person in his home during the week, before and after school Jonathan cares for his mother, brother and grandmother while also managing his football and school schedule. He is what is becoming more known as a “teen caregiver.”​

Even though there are an estimated 1.3 million kids in these roles, the U.S has still not passed any laws or legislation to support them.​​

“That’s a big burden to have on a 15 year old child who should be living life going to homecoming worrying about what movie he’s going to go with his friends, not hurrying up to come home to take care of his little brother and take care of his mother and take care of his grandmother,” Jonathan’s Mother Jennifer Gutierrez told VICE News. “He should not have to worry about those things. Unfortunately he does”

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29 thoughts on “What It’s Like To Take Care Of Multiple Family Members At Age 15 (HBO)

  1. I see everybody praising the kid which is all good but what about the dad working 2 jobs to support his family financially i see you pops working hard to provide for your fam one love 💯💯💯

  2. I commend these brave children. I can remember being responsible from the age of 5… caring for my siblings and neither one of my parents were battling physical challenges, drugs, alcoholism, and gang violence. I didn’t know that these kind of stories can be told/exposed. Now that I’m a worn out no one was there to help me.

  3. Dang, this is heartbreaking. I was a child caregiver growing up too, now I'm an adult doing the same thing for my mom. This kid is better than me though, seeing my mom slowly dying at an early age put so much stress on me that I'd lash out at her and I had no idea. I love my mom with all my heart but taking care of her is tiring. I wish we had a program like this when I was a kid, I felt super alone and nobody understood that I couldn't go out because I had to take care of stuff at home, my friends always thought I was just using it as an excuse to be a loner.

  4. I love these kids! I can't get my kid's to do simple things without complaining. These kid's are going to be great Spouses one day. I hope they can grow up and become Successful.

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