Best of the Week – July 15, 2018 – Joe Rogan Experience

Joe Rogan Experience – Best of the Week of July 15, 2018

JRE #1144 – Doug Stanhope –
JRE #1145 – Peter Schiff –

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42 thoughts on “Best of the Week – July 15, 2018 – Joe Rogan Experience

  1. How can I argue anything about taxation, with someone who attributes morality to "feelings".
    And knows nothing of the social contract.

    If you think I wear a tin hat you'd Shit yourself when you finally read the name Ron Paul.
    Or step into libertarian land.

    Your deflection about the laffer curve is ignorant at best. If I stated the statistical facts about the Nazi German death toll you would say I was in favor of them as well?
    Typical of a country without free speech, who is cuckold to the E. U. To constantly try to use failed Foucaultian ,Keynesian and Marxist logic and pitfalls.

    Nobody is running from you,
    On the contrary.
    No one can speak to you.
    That's no ones loss but yourself, families, and communities. Not mine.

    So go on qwibble with your friend about EXACTLY how much your respective governments should be stealing from their people.

    When you tire of being taxed, lied too, and incentivizing the government to grow.

    When you finally find out that it is not the answer to the Pareto principle.

    We'll be waiting.

    Good day sir.

  2. @7:00 – anyone have experience or success with learning new job stills from new education sites like Skillshare or Udemy. I feel like we r in an education revolution. Via online specialized courses.

  3. Dunno who dude in pink is but that was such a rudimentary conflation of two completely different circumstances. Not only is American Samoa a tiny and essential economically isolated island (not in that it can't trade, but that because of its geographical isolation from the countries leading markets, exports are naturally more expensive), American Samoa is also a developing nation. Developing nations with export heavy economies would naturally need lower wages in order to compete.

    Without the benefits of a developed country including investment into infrastructure, worthy social security etc, suddenly imposing a minimum wage when the majority of available work is all beholden to those aforementioned high export costs is ill-thought through.

    So yeah, if the point he's making is that "minimum wage regulations need to managed according to the economic context of a country" then he's hit the nail on the head. Unfortunately, from this clip, it at least appears as though the point he's making is that "this example of minimum wage regulations in an export heavy, developing nation is evidence of why the United States proper, shouldn't implement it" and that quite frankly, is a completely nonsense false dichotomy.

    If you're going really ponder the advantages and disadvantages of a minimum wage, then you should be looking at examples whereby the economies are comparable. Because at the moment, the flip side to this dude's argument could conceivably be, "America absolutely needs a higher minimum wage because look at North Korea. They don't have one and their people are in cages."

  4. Just wow joe,peter Schiff is telling him how shitty American policy is and joes response is…what's the argument against!! At least try hide the fact ur a sell out joe hahahah

  5. Schiff is right on inflation but totally off with his free market utopia. There's no such thing as a free market because nature is a dictatorship and when you plunder it for resources it's not free of costs. you've just externalized them down the road to the least suspecting players. The idea that minimum wage destroys economies only holds water when you restrict job creation in the public sector. There are more than enough jobs for everyone if you decided to transition to renewable energies, increase wild habitat conservation, reduce premature death, suffering, illness, poverty, lack of education, and mental illness. These are all understaffed industries with lots of jobs available at all skill levels.

  6. Totally off topic, but likely the right channel to ask: how are V. Putin's fighting skills?

    Someone recently asked me who would win a fight between Putin and Trudeau, and I looked into what Putin had because I've already seen Trudeau in a match. All I found was youtube videos of him throwing down people that did not seem to be defending themselves at all. Now I'm frankly curious, because I know he actually wrote a book about practising Judo.

  7. The minimum wage topic, if you take away that then more places are going to start expecting a tip just like waiters. For the low income person we see tips as a bad thing bc we can barely afford stuff. And, pay a tip. It's funny how drastically different people's minds are when their income changes. Like, turning off unused lights is no big deal to a rich person. But, I bet it was some middle class person that decided to save money by inventing the CFL bulb and the LED bulbs. When millions of people switch to these bulbs it saves millions of $$. Just an example.

  8. Just gonna say. McGregor loses to wrestlers. Check the times he lost. It's been on the ground. Diaz and the other guy long ago took hem in the ground and won. Khabib would rape hem like a tranny.

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