Hair Braiders In New Jersey Are At Constant Risk Of Losing Their Jobs (HBO)

Hair braiders in many states across the country are at constant risk of massive fines and losing their jobs.The primary reason: state cosmetology boards. Over the past several decades, these boards have lobbied to require licensing for braiding services, despite offering little training in the discipline or justifying why a non-invasive, non-chemical method needs to be so heavily regulated. Now hair braiders and politicians are fighting back against policies they claim disproportionately affect immigrant women of color. VNT goes to one of the states at the center of the debate: New Jersey.

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48 thoughts on “Hair Braiders In New Jersey Are At Constant Risk Of Losing Their Jobs (HBO)

  1. I am from the south and every girl in my family was taught to braid as a child. It's done in all types of style and is a part of my culture. That doesn't require a license. It's a part of my culture.

  2. The reason someone goes to cosmetology school isn't to learn the trendy haircuts or coloring, they learn safety. During their final test it's all about safety rather than technique. If this lady accidentally hurts a client or causes an infection of some sorts there is no license that can be revoked as a punishment and to prevent same thing happening to someone else. Not everyone that goes to cosmetology school ends up coloring hair. She tried to take the short route and it has cought up. Would you go to a Dr that never went to school but watched his Dr dad at work?

    The solution? A completely separate license that allows braiding only. No cutting, coloring, waxing or what not. Simply braiding. Pass a written safety exam, put in some hours and do a presentation. Honestly should be like $250 for the whole thing in my opinion.

  3. This is so stupid, there's NO reason these women should have to go to cosmetology school to learn things that are completely irrelevant to what they're doing. They're not using any chemicals that need licenses, so there's no reason they shouldn't be allowed to braid hair without a license. o.o

  4. I think they should have different licenses. Just because a woman braids hair doesn’t mean she’ll do it safely, or to you liking, so they should have their own rules to how you should and shouldn’t be running a braiding salon.

  5. In Europe they don’t have government controlled cosmetology boards. I can’t stand government!
    Dictating their silly little laws.
    I work in Washington state, another communist state!….
    they create annoying laws like, “there can NEVER be any hair on the floor at anytime!”
    ….So we have to stop the service just and sweep the hair TWICE during a haircut, AND after the haircut….thereby slowing us down so considerably, that it puts us behind for the next client….and the company is too cheap to hire an assistant to help sweep for us!
    The boards are created as a way of making more money from us, under the guise of helping to protect the community.
    And now they want to harass branders to go to cosmetology school!
    Get rid of the boards!
    Fing troublemakers!

  6. 3:36 Someone Please tell me this Barber who is licensed can braid hair.. ? Braids have been around for thousands of years for God's sake. Let those who want to braid, braid without a licence. Have cleaning standards set up for them to follow and check up periodically .

    Look at this beautiful style 2:05 by this talented Queen.

  7. THEY HAVE TRAINED EACH OTHER. Saying whites don’t know how to braid? What if their mother’s best friend, who was black, trained her for. Don’t be racist.

  8. then, why not create a cosmetology school on braiding and Afro styling only? i would love to see something like this happen. something blacks can call their own.

  9. Sorry but u at least need a braiding license. You still need to know how to properly wash hair, sanitation, and some other things as well. So they should take a small portion of the Cosmo..

  10. This is ridiculous. You can not teach this. You grow up learning how to do it. It’s true government trying to take money from people. Like they said they do not use chemicals and have no desire to. So why would they pay $20,000 to go to school to be told something they know how to do even better. Braiding hair is not a risk for anyone. Unless they mad at you 😂 then you get snatched a little to tight 😂 obviously I am not black. But growing up I was the only white person around well me and my sisters. And so at age 5 I learned how to braid from my friends mom so we could help her get everyone ready for church since they didn’t have to do my hair. And I by no means have the skill these women do. But I do know there are cultural aspect and meanings behind hair braiding. Now I started getting my hair braided around age 6 or 7 always by black women. And as an adult I had a white stylist try to braid my hair and not only did I have fly always everywhere it fell in an hour and she brushed my baby hairs back and then tried to braid to the name of the beck. Which if you know the struggle of getting all the edges to grow back you know that’s like braiding baby hairs into the style it’s stupid. This is long winded I know. But my point is that to have any black woman who is trying to make an honest living by doing something that she is a master at that can not be taught. It’s something passed down to you. To try to take that from her knowing that if you are in the position of hair braiding to begin with the honest truth is unfortunately those funds aren’t there to go to school. And even then she will loose business and money and time. Because you can not teach someone the skills they posses. It’s like saying you have to pay $20,000 to go to school to be a Professional shoe tie’r. 😂😂 now doesn’t that sound stupid. Think about it. Or if they told you you had to pay that much to do your kids hair. Come on now. This is just ridiculous and I’m interested to find out what became of the issue.

  11. Well she is not stealing anything, doesn't use products that can cause health problems to people.. she doesn't harm anyone and honestly earns her money!
    I hope she doesn't have to close the shop!!

  12. Seriously let them braid and leave them be.

    Go crack down on people who are illegally doing nails and eyelash extensions without a licence. There's some real health and safety violations going on there.

  13. Omg this is just another way for the government to get money they want to tax everything.before you know it they going to start taxing us to breathe air,walk,and use the bathroom its rediculous its braiding hair but they are not going to stop until they make a big deal they will come up with a bunch of reasons why you need a license to braid hair.

  14. In the state of NJ, if a person wants to open up a restaurant do they need to go to culinary school? If not, then someone who braids hair doesn't need to go to cosmetology school. It's as simple as that. They only thing they should be required to do is get a business license if they plan to open a business.

  15. Just let the lady have a business license and let her braid in peace! I took cosmetology back in high school (2006) and I passed the clinical part but failed the theory part here in Virginia! I kid u not the book is bigger than the Bible and have the nerve to test u WITH a time limit 🤦🏾‍♀️ we don’t have braid regulations here though.

  16. I think you should be licenced. But not through a 20,000 dollar course. Like a few weeks long course that costs just enough to pay the instructor. About sanitary concernes, customer satisfaction stuff that you actually use. And cleanliness checks on the salons like you would do for a restaurant

  17. They realize that braiding is a profit to get people to pay money for their talent. I think a certification to maintain a shop to braid is okay. But to force someone to go to school to learn how to braid when they learned when they were 5 yrs old is crap. Cosmetology school doesn't teach you how to braid per se. I hope it changes

  18. That’s crazy they want to capitalize off of something our people came up with , why not just make them get a business license not a cosmetology license, braising has no chemical and in school they do one week of braiding that’s it so why pay so much for something that’s not even taught.

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