Japanese Cult Leader Shoko Asahara’s Daughter Spoke To Us Right Before He Was Executed (HBO)

In Japan, the death penalty is done by hanging. Prisoners are only notified about an hour beforehand, and family members find out after the fact.

So Rika Matsumoto knew that any day, her father might be gone.

Her father was Shoko Asahara, the leader of Aum Shinrikyo, a Japanese doomsday cult. On March 20, 1995, Aum members spread sarin gas in the Tokyo subway system during morning rush hour. 17 people died, and thousands more fell ill. Asahara was arrested, along with several other cult members. Rika was 12 years old.
Asahara was executed on Friday, 23 years after the attacks.
A few years ago, Matsumoto had begun to publicly campaign for a retrial for her father, saying that he had been mentally unfit to stand trial.
But even now that her father is dead, some people are still asking questions about what happened.
To see more about how Japan is still dealing with the deadliest attack on Japanese soil since WWII, watch the video above.

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24 thoughts on “Japanese Cult Leader Shoko Asahara’s Daughter Spoke To Us Right Before He Was Executed (HBO)

  1. "How the inmate suffer". The attack was made in a working day, during a rush hour. The ones that dies, and the ones still today suffering. He deserved to die. All cults deserve to disappear.

  2. Based on the video description, VICE News is full of passive-aggressive idiots. What about victims' families who weren't notified that their loved ones were going to die that day? Yes, the killer was "hanged," but the victims died publicly in an undignified manner. He murdered them with sarin gas. The victims' family members, too, found out after the fact.

  3. As much as I believe that Matsumoto is beyond recovery and retrial, my heart hurts for the girl.

    I can’t even imagine what the 12 year old has been through because of her father’s terrorism, and that she’ll carry this weight for the rest of her life.

  4. The reason why the death penalty is such a bad thing isn't that of human rights, it is because of the inconsistency of how each country and or state that executes it. We never know if the victim is actually the perpetrator, or whether the evidence is reliable or legit, maybe they had a scapegoat but actually didn't find the true perpetrator? Perhaps we will never know and this happens all the time whether it it the death penalty or just 4 months of jail time. This is why the death penalty is so dangerous. Just recently, in China, 12 people were executed right after being convicted for drug trafficking, I'm not sure how long it took them to execute them but it was roughly 20 minutes if I'm correct, how on earth are you supposed to prove someone guilty in 20 minutes? I can hide some cocaine in a random person's bag and report him, he will be executed without proper trial to prove his innocence. I would rather have a criminal who committed heinous acts to serve life in prison than an innocent person being executed because it was convenient.

  5. 日本人の意見を変えるにはだと?一体何様のつもりで言ってるんだ

  6. I am a Korean and I respect Japan for keeping the death penalty and actually doing it very carefully. I feel sorry for the girl losing her father and think that the death penalty should be limited to very few types of crimes, especially religional reason can't be a reason for the death penalty but what her father did cannot be accepted in any time or anywhere in the world.

  7. Idk about this girl but other family members of hers are part of the cult including the mother. For her other siblings don’t know,i know some of them are part of the cult, for the girl in the video i also don’t know.

    She should just stop i mean if she said she, he is mentally ill then i guess the whole cult should be sent to the mental institute including her mother and some of her siblings.

  8. I was a kid when i saw the news about this gas attack. i don't know what it was back then nor how devastating it was. But I'm glad the leader is dead now. Though a documentary i once watched said 1 of the attack, the doctor if i recall, his sentenced was reduced because he only puncture a small hole of a packet. 1 of 3 the he should have released.

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