Joe Rogan Experience #1063 – Tom Segura

Tom Segura is a stand-up comedian, and hosts his own podcast with his wife, Christina Pazsitzky called Your Mom’s House. His new special “Disgraceful” premieres on Netflix on January 12.

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  1. Don't see a man vs. woman fight ever happening. It's a lose, lose contest for the man. Either he beats up a woman or he gets beat up by a woman, can't imagine anyone signing up for that

  2. Nah, Bezos is the wealthiest man in modern history, but theres a ton of kings and other people, like John D. Rockefeller (not sure on his conversion), that probably beat him.

  3. Its funny how they talk about how billionares never talk about how they ball, but they will never say what their takehome is at the end of the year. Its always "X amount of dollars after taxes" or " I dont have to worry about money". And its because they want to seem like the everyman, not the millionares they are.

  4. The game of thrones guy looked good before he started beefing up and doing those strong men competitions. I think the guys looked better as normal athletes before they started doing that strong man competitions.The swimmer guy looked better before.

  5. I agree with Joe and Tom that you have a different musculature and skeletal frame as a man vs. a woman. A man has greater strength than women. Their heads and hands and feet are usually bigger. There are shorter men that can take down a larger, taller, man. Very few men are less strong than women. Unless a women is in extraordinary shape and perhaps an athlete herself who has a lot of muscle weight on her, she may beat up an out of shape, weak man. But the majority is that men are stronger vs. women. And it is not fair to live as a man than decide to compete against women. They should have a trans category. Or let transwomen compete against men. I know there is a Asian mma artist that fought against men and now trains transgender male to female to fight. She used that as her platform that although she was transgender she could still fight a guy with her make up on, etc. and win. She never wanted to fight women or have her fighters do it. I think after she got her full surgery and adopted a child she then stopped being in the ring as a fighter and started training transwomen to fight against men. I think they she started out as a male fighter and then revealed she was trans and kept fighting to show she still had the talent regardless of her changing, wearing make up, etc. It was also important to her to get that respect in her culture and take care of and make her parents proud, and keep transwomen from not having a way to make a living. The fighting gives them a chance to make money, so they won’t be homeless and also gets people to respect they have talent as a fighter. I don’t think in their culture it would be acceptable for a transwomen to fight a biological woman and would be seen as shameful. It is also not fair when biological women who want to be trans men take male hormones like testosterone, and still want to compete against women, that do,not take testosterone. It is the same as doping to me, because it gives you an advantage. All through nature the male predators are always bigger than their female counterparts like lions and bears, etc.

  6. In regards to Ms. I have heard many southern people for example say Miz so and so was my history teacher. But I think it is just an accent thing.

  7. Why doesn’t Gates just make sure his children/grandchildren aware of the good and legacy being giving and charitable, and honoring his legacy so their money can keep working for the greater good. I would want my family to keep up the legacy of giving so we can improve things and help people. If you do that then the legacy lives on and you know your family will keep helping people after you are gone. So every generation has to be aware of this important legacy and responsibility. If they are taught to be aware of the fact that other people don’t have the privilege and money they do, then they can continue to be productive people and help society.

  8. The post will give you 3 articles I think a day. This is on smart news. But once you are over the 3 they lock you out. Then you wait and they will give you 3 again.

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