Joe Rogan Experience #1088 – Bryan Callen

Bryan Callen is an actor and stand-up comedian, and together with Brendan Schaub he also hosts “The Fighter & The Kid” podcast.

20 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience #1088 – Bryan Callen

  1. I'm 51 years old and have been driving since I was 16 years old. I've been pulled over for speeding in Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, New Jersey, Florida, Georgia, California, and South Carolina. I've driven in 47 states. I'm here today to tell you about it. If you're a douche with a cop, things may end up bad. So don't be a douche. Take that ticket and fight it in court.

  2. I think we will have smart robots and capable robots and some scumbag is gonna mix them. I’m not scared I’m scared for humans 1000 years from now. Nothing to be scared of now ai can form its own opinions from experience it can only form random ones that its designer allows it too

  3. The government can take over its citizens with it's own citizens because of soldiers who will fight for their country no matter what their doing. Need I remind you that the nazi party was able to take over germany because Hitler promised through socialism they would go back to being wealthy turning the arayan germans and followers against the German Jews, blacks, gays, etc. Its human nature to pick self preservation if your lucky enough to be in the side of power you will do deeds that will keep you alive.

  4. I love Joe's podcasts but he talks about Russia having a crazy ass government and his country voted in a hairdo TV celebrity loose-cannon businessman and made that totally unqualified person the most powerful man on earth. But Russia is crazy, Joe?

  5. Think about this everything our bodies naturally do is usually due to evolution for some purpose or other to make up for something that we lacked prior. Now as you grow older your ears and nose keep growing. This is most likely because as you grow older your sense of hearing and smell start to fade for whatever reasons, every line differs. So the body has evolved to make up for that by allowing your ears to grow larger and capturing more sound waves and your nose growing larger allowing you to take in more smells. In a time period In which survival, life and death itself depended on how well you could see hear and smell your environment.

  6. Out of all the famous people I want to meet In life, it would be really cool to meet you one day (Joe rogan)
    Just to have an hour conversation with you would be super dope

  7. Totally agre with the ADHD and spectrum disorders. One of my son's friends (10 years old) plays rugby with him and you've never seen a more foussed kid on a rugby pitch, who concentrates from whistle to whistle. Just before bed he's allowed 5 to 10 chocolate bars (I kid you not) and when I mention to his mum that he's just stuffed himself silly with chocolate and he'll never sleep. She said "Don't worry, I'll just give him one of his pills". Like WTF???
    Hardly any kids have ADHD but lazy parents and lazy doctors just throw it around with impunity.
    My kids are seriously active and they are not allowed coke, red bull, suger before bed etc. Yes they're energetic but they don't have ADHD.
    Totally love your description of the dog and running. I'm definitely gonna use that one.

  8. How in the hell is this guy a repeat guest? Go back and listen to past interviews Bravo, Rogan, and Schaub were all questioning why he went semi ape shit…personally, I wish I could un hear it but…yea no. Shits odd 💯

  9. I call bullshit on Bryan, this ton of "resources" he speaks of are not easy to obtain especially when you have no address and no phone to follow up, they don't just hand you shit, they make sure you qualify, which can take so much time and correspondence, without an advocate it's not going to happen, you want low income housing, you have to wait to get on the list, then wait 8 years after that. If you're mentally I'll there's no way you'll keep up with it all. These people spend all day dealing with issues of survival, there is no way up if you spend all day figureing out where your next meal comes from. I challenge you to live on the street for a week.

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