Joe Rogan Experience #1117 – Tim Kennedy

Tim Kennedy is a Ranger, sniper, Special Forces Operator, and recently retired UFC Fighter.

48 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience #1117 – Tim Kennedy

  1. Tim Kennedy for president!!!!
    Who else here would vote for him???
    I sure as hell would.
    Like this if u too believe in this man among men. The most manly man I've ever had the honor of meeting many years back.
    Hes a very very good man. His moral compass is exactly where it needs to be, and more so where this country's morals need to be… God bless u Sir.
    And my undying gratitude for your service to this country!!!

  2. I'm going To basic on aug 13. Going for airborne first then I'm going to ranger school. With gods help I will lead the way with other rangers.

  3. this guy keeps saying "i love killing bad people" and on the surface that may seem "admirable" or "noble", but anyone who has taken elementary psychology can see right through this guy, the quest for retaliation, the energy he derives from murder (even if the people were sadists), the enthusiasm for violence. listen im not saying this guy is "unaware" or "out of touch", he clearly understands violence is the language of the world, and he speaks it fluently, and i think its reasonable to argue hes quite in tune with the way things are, but in no way can this guy talk himself out of a paper bag, hes unintelligible, belligerent, philosophically and intellectually misguided and the sheer brutish savage nature of his entire perspective on life is indicative of how we live in a society where principles can be compromised for strength, and that particular strain of control is intoxicating. basically what im saying is this guy needs to take Ethics 101, and start speaking like his words are intentional rather than regurgitating corrosive cliches and slogans.

  4. ah yes, the good old "two russian men one rifle" story. In april '45. That guy is full of it. Or he doesn't know any better. Which he should since doing a show on History Channel.

  5. former sas soldier got interigated and totured by isis he wasnt afraid……….. and by the way SF has a drill that fck your brain up soo bad that you actually think that you are captured and totured with 100 percent consent

  6. Water boarding…… I’ve watched hundreds of hours of JRE. I watch his fight companions everytime he does them for UFC cards. I’ve listened to him talk to Alex Jones crazy ass, Eddie Bravo go on his insane rants, I’ve heard the most extremist views from the cream of the crop extrmist individuals from all over the world and while I might disagree with most of their views and opinions I listen to them all with an open mind and reserve judgment until they finish explaining and going in depth about the thought process they use to hold such views and opinions. Most of the time I still disagree with them but can respect and at the very least see some kind of rationale…… But this…… If this dude is serious he’s out of his god damn mind….. I’m deep into astrophysics, it’s my passion, and yet I see more rational thinking behind Eddies views on the shape of the Earth than this….. Never once have I commented on YouTube….. but this…… I couldn’t get myself not to…… this is…. ya….. it’s mind boggling to say the least…..

  7. Tim is so stable and steadfast in what he says, but also understanding to other views. A true american fucking badass.

    PS: Also, on the point of mandatory service- NOTHING could be healthier for this country. I can't actually serve in the military because of medical issues, but I've done every type of construction or hard labor I can get my hands on and plan to do so for then next 50 years. The sense of accomplishment from selling a fucking TV at best buy will never compare to an 80 hour week building a house for the guy who works at best buy.

    I know people who won't even help me build a fire "cause there might be spiders in the wood pile and I don't want soot on my jacket" while I'm crawling through mud n nails, sorting pepper from fly shit all day.

    The best part? I don't even need a gym membership. Pushups, pullups, crunches at home in the morning- build up my functional muscle/cardio at work.

    Buncha fuckin pussies out there these days.

  8. It's crazy listening to this now, when they're talking about saying someone is crazy & have their guns taken away when most states have now have passed red flag bills which will take your guns away. Just two months after this video has been uploaded

  9. EVERYONE LIES IN MMA ABOUT STEROIDS UNLESS THEYVE BEEN CAUGHT. Bisping who was living in his car while coming up didnt ever train his whole career while on anything? Its like MLB, its part of the culture and if anyone thinks theres ONE PRO MMA FIGHTER THAT HAS BEEN TRAINING FOR YEARS THAT HAS ALWAYS BEEN COMPLETELY CLEAN, YOURE DELUSIONAL, TIM K. OBVIOUS ROID USER, BUT HES NEVER "CHEATED",CHEATING IS BEING ON ROIDS WHILE IN A FIGHT, YES U KEEP PERMANENT EFFECTS, BUT THERES A TRUE ADVANTAGE WHILE ON DURING THE FIGHT compared to using while building your body. You think people are missing weight because its just them being lazy now? Its THEM BEING USED TO USING PEDs during the weight cuts LIKE THEYVE ALWAYS DONE following the plans theyve always followed, the PEDs that can reinvigorate a fighter thats fighting at a weight he shouldnt be, CONNOR MCgregor is an easy example who will never fight at 145 again, you can tell hes on peptides or whatever short acting undetectable shit to make the weight cut not zap his vitality. KHABIBs FATHER GOT CAUGHT WITH A FIGHTER HE TRAINS WITH MELDONIUM. KHABIB ALL OF A SUDDEN GOES TO HOSPITAL DURING WEIGHT CUT??? PEDs WERE HELPING WEIGHT CUTS and now you see Yoel, khabib, wrestlers who NEVER MISS WEIGHT EVERRR. THEY NEED TO PROVIDE FIGHTERS IV's that are administered by USADA, shit is insanely dangerous

  10. To the kids out there don’t be a mechanic, the pay sucks the hours are long the work is physical, there is very little vacation and your body will fail you at 40, This field is not going the right way. This is from a master technician of 10years

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