Joe Rogan Experience #1130 – Adam Frank

Adam Frank is a physicist, astronomer, and writer. His scientific research has focused on computational astrophysics with an emphasis on star formation and late stages of stellar evolution. His new book “Light of the Stars: Alien Worlds and the Fate of the Earth” is available now on Amazon.

26 thoughts on “Joe Rogan Experience #1130 – Adam Frank

  1. This dude really dropped the ball on the whole climate change thing. Very, very few people deny climate change. He even says climate denial is why were out of the paris accords, LUL, the question is not does climate change exist, the question is what do we do about it.

    As an example to demonstrate the problem with how some people think about what to do. If I wan't my son to stop smoking, do I just kill my son? I mean he won't be smoking anymore right. Well no that's fucking stupid, a dead son is worse than a son who smokes. This same logic can be applied to climate change and what many people are proposing, yes climate change is bad but what some people want us to do about it is even worse than the climate change.

    This is why trump pulled out of the paris accords, not because he denies climate change, but because it was a bad deal and causes more problems than it fixes. He even said that he was open to creating a new deal. I'm not a big trump fan but for a scientist, hes really shitty at getting his basic facts right.

  2. Love the space talk but… the climate denier rant was repetitive, boring and full of straw man arguments that only a handful of denier idiots actually makes… the more interesting discussion (and here there is not, and cannot be scientific consensus) is… what do we do about it?

  3. I think Polar Bears are supposed to die and evolve they need to eat like other bears because thier habitat will eventually be grasslands with mostly plants and insects. They will never go instinct we will have them in captivity in Texas and try to release them into Texas to kill the wild boars like the dumbasses who know how to party that we are.

  4. The thing is that when the planet gets warmer the ice caps melt. And when the fresh water gets into the oceans the warm streams stop. And when they stop it gets cold and that starts a new ice age.

  5. A bit strange that with all of the evidence of UFOs, the scientist who disparages climate deniers for ignoring evidence thinks UFOs are bullshit because they "turn on their high beams" when they visit earth.

    If you don't think UFOs are real, watch the CNN interview with Luis Elizondo, the former head of UFO research for the Pentagon, who says there is "overwhelming evidence" of UFOs. Elizondo says that there is a mountain of hard data (far beyond eyewitness accounts) that proves "aircraft" that defy the technological capabilities of anything any country is capable of producing and that these aircraft perform maneuvers that "no biological entity" on earth could ostensibly sustain.

  6. Why doesn't Joe bring on Luiz Elizonda who ran the Pentagon UFO program instead of asking a guy who not in the know what is happening in the military? Col Alexander, Vallee, there plenty of credible people in Ufology if he looked.

  7. lol funny how joe thinks he has "discussions" but on certain subjects just lectures. lol funny thing is joe is merely regurgitating things he's got no actual knowledge on. the question no one answers is what effect we have and what future effects will be, but reality is we don't know.

  8. I'm here to officially deny "Climate Change". thank you. next topic.BTW, isn't it called "Global Warming"…?? DID HE SAY 'YOU DON'T NEED COAL ANYMORE"?? what powers the electric plants that charge your iphones? there is "clean coal"…look it up.

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